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Beautiful Maddness by James Dodson. This writer follows "crazy plant people" from the Phila Flower Show to the jungle to find rare orchids!! It's a great book
LOLOL it can be found on ebay...... the book came out 3 years ago-- NOW you have to guess which one is ME!!!~LOLOLOL and which one is my Hubs!!~~
I can not name the books I love.
Being away from my friends caused me to read very much,so with that said I have a nice discounted (paid under 3$ for most books*lol) library,
I can take pics of the subjects anyone is interested in.Mainly Gardening information books, troubleshooting etc. Care and how to on plant life designs and a few good reads from or about gardeners.

Ruth Stout always come in mind you have to have a deep admiration for her enthusiasm.

try to find some books by Eliot Coleman and Barbara Damrosh, they are from Maine/NH area and are wonderful organic gardeners. Also Joe Eck-- he grew up in my town(NJ)--but now lives in NH-- he and his partner have a wonderful property and garden.
I do however know that I am looking for an updated rose book and a book with pictures of seeding ,annuals seedling preferred but weeds (which mostly are Herbs) will do.I am celebrating my birthday for a week to grant Scarez wish!

Kale I dont know how updated of a book you are looking for but I have a roses book I bought a few years ago. The Complete Rose Book byPeter McHoy it was printed in 2003. At the time I bought it I had a beautiful george burns roses and wanted to try climbing roses again. Needless to say I dont have any roses growing anymore and no plans for roses anytime soon. If the book would fit your need you are welcome to it
I think it is still my birthday...:D

Not growing roses anymore?
Are you OK? Why not?
I think I may have borrowed that from the Library this past August...May have taken a pic to remind anyone what to get *LOL (I try to have a list ready for when someone asked what they can get me I am ready and I will not receive the toe socks or nightgowns!!*LOL

Please make certain you are willing to give this up.

Sfishergirl, I wanted to let you know that if any of my friends want to see my NEW ROSE BOOK they have to come to my house and suffer seeing it here!
I will not take it out side*LOL
It is a very beautiful book!
Thank you and let me know your hearts "plant/seed" desire..I will send it to you if I have or can get it*!!

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