Japanese Maple

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I bought a Japanese Maple last Spring it was a tiny stick.Brought it home put it in a pot so I could guard it.LOL My DH on the mower's dangerous to plant's.
I transplanted it this Fall.It has grown quiet a bit.The Spiderwort trying to take over .It will have to go.LOL


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Those plants are in a class all by themselves! Mine is just starting to leaf out as well and it always seems to become a conversation piece as well! Thanks for taking the time and share a beautiful tree with us all here too!! :)
Mine is beginning to leaf out. I bought 2 of the weeping japanese maples a few years ago and we had a freeze one year after they had leafed out and I thought they both had died but one of them put out a new shoot from the ground and it has grown really fast. The sad part is that it is no longer the weeping type. I still like it tho but I wish I had another of the weeping ones.
I have several weeping Japanese Maples. Some were obtained at a moving sale. I dug them up and 'moved' them. Most people don't think about selling their plants before moving.
I bring it up.
When pruning a Japanese Maple I like to prune them up and 'show a little leg'. It works best to show the leg on the north side because the trunk is less likely to sunburn. Siting is a consideration if you are going to do this.

I think so too. I have raised a lot of them over the years, mostly from seed. I started with a paper sack of maple seeds from a maple collection. I raised the plants and then took seeds from the best and raised them. Now I'm selecting from the best of those.

Great pictures love Japanese maples, I have one in the front yard, it sit in the center bed, don't know the name of it but its red and show very nicely


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