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Kya D

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I got some jerusalem artichoke in a trade last year and they are doing really really well.:D:D
My question is how do you use these amazing and totally new to me roots.
Fresh, cooked however.:confused:
Dawn I believe I sent you the Jersualem Artichokes. Glad they did well for you. A friend of mine is giving me their family heirloom Jerusalem Artichoke relish recipe, will be glad to share the recipee. Also lots of people scrub the roots good and eat them raw on salads. Some people are using them in place of water chestnuts.
Dale you are RIGHT you did share them with me. When the came up this year with a vengence I could not have been more thrilled. I am so excited.
Thank you.
I would love the relish recipe. I can hardly wait to eat one raw.
Have I mentioned how excited I am
Dawn I will share the recipe when I get it. It tastes like a cucumber relish sorta but made with ground up Jerusalem Artichokes. And YES you do sound excited. The plants are invasive.
Invasive don't care I am just so tickled. I am pretty sure that our lack of water here will probably keep them in check
Any small root left in the ground will "volunteer" the next year. Lack of water or not.
Latebloomer remind me next year and I will send you all the Jerusalem Artichoke plants you want. You may be sorry!!!
Dale, I have nice large bed of J-artichokes growing now from the plants you sent me last year. Evidently I didn't get all the roots dug. I'm not worried, I have them in a secluded area and if all precautions fail, there's always a spray plant killer.
Any recipes would be great, I think I'll have a bumper crop!!
Gloria you never get all the roots dug no matter how well you dig the Jerusalem Artichokes. Hopefully I will get the JA relish recipe and post.
I'm trying to locate a source for Jerusalem artichokes - I'm in Georgetown. Just got involved in GardenForums and saw your 05/09 post.
Hank I have lots of roots so if you would like some, and can wait until the weather cools down some I would send some to you.
Jeralum Artichokes

We had them growing at our house when they first came up they were beautiful still think they are nice but once they start growing they don't stop They even grew through the tar driveway.I didn't know you could eat them.I guess if they are grown by them selves maybe along a fence line or something. I love the yellow daisy like flowers. At first I thought they were false sunflower But their not.I shouldn't say that they are invasive cause every plant has it's reason for growing.:) Is this them I think so. We planted ours to close to the house We dug them up and moved them 2 years ago They still came up there last year They have tap roots so I guess if you don't get all the roots they will come back Oh well Our mistake.!


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J Artichokes.

My friend gave us a pail full 3 years ago. We planted them along the house & side of the garage They are lovely but we grew them in the wrong spot they spread like crazy They even grew through the pavement of our driveway. I did not know you could eat them.My hubby dug them up from by the garage and they came back the next year. We planted the ones he dug up in a spot where they can't hurt anything They are likely still there I haven't been there to see.They are part of the sunflower family.


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Hey if anyone is digging them and has extra I will pay postage for a start. I have a friend who grew them years ago and she would give me some to eat. I moved and she passed so haven't had any for years. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to