Just wondering about a round robin???

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Hi, I am just wondering if maybe anyone is interested in doing a round robin. I know they are always sooo much fun. I'm not sure how to start this but maybe one of you more experienced members :rolleyes: could help me organize it or maybe I could help you organize it. Please let me know if interested and what is needed to get it off and flying. :) Thank you and take care, Becki

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Ms. Becki I was never in on a round robin,,,,, but I am always game for bout anything. I hope one of the moderators will be willing to help you with one.


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I tend to stay away from seed and plant exchanges due to the US/Canadian customs!
So it will have to be one of the other mods!
We could always steal a mod from GH, or at least borrow one to help set things up!


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Becki, I'd rather not participate in a RR at this time but I'd be glad to give you info on starting it and help you with details. First, you need to know how many want to participate.. by posting here and sending you their addy by PM.
Post your sign-up deadline and rules of participation..for instantance, how long a person has after recieving the package to mail it on to the next person. To replace as many pkgs of seeds as they remove, etc.
If you're sending the original pkg out, send it to the person closest to your state or area and so on down the line, giving each person instruction on who to send it to next. You wouldn't want to send it from California to Virginia and then back across the U.S. to Oregon, that would tie it up in travel time.
As a person receives it, they let you know and you send them the addy to mail it again. I would not give all addresses to everyone, just the addy they need to send it to the next in line.
Keep in mind that it's possible that these things could go bad. Hopefully that won't happen but I do know of some that have. Due to emergencies, acts of nature and sometimes just a bad participant, the pkg could go missing. There's not a lot that can be done about that so it's a chance and the first one to send out a package would lose out.
If there's anything else you need to know, give me a holler.
Thought I would add...the reason I can't participate at this time is because I've been having a heap of internet server and computer problems and afraid I may lose contact in the middle of everything.
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Okay so it looks like we need to get the robin off the ground. I have a HUGE wedding/reception tomorrow. Once I make it through that I will then 'borrow' some general rules and we can get going. Give me a couple of days to get this going and then we can get started. I guess if you already know that you want to participate then go ahead and pm me your address and I will start mapping out the stops. More details to come.. Yippeee!! I'm excited. I LOVE SURPRISES!! Take care all and PLEASE pray for me to make it through a hippy camp out -- over 100 people coming to camp.

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