Lemon Thyme seeds ?

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I've looked everywhere for Lemon Thyme seeds and found nothing. Do they exist or am I chasing a "Clippings" ghost ? If so, where do you get them ?
Most available items are already plants. Found one source of seeds but they're from Europe. 18 euros per gram (6000 seeds) is about $26.00 plus shipping. Someone sneezes and the seeds are history. Didn't think they were that small.
WOW that would be alot for seeds...I think your best bet is a plant...I got mine at a little local place here..but I see it sold all over
You know, most plant centers and even some of the big box stores have lemon thyme plants for sale in the spring. By the time you order seeds, buy some sort of seed starting substrate, and a cup or pot to put it in; you could easily spend more than the cost of one or two plants.
If you have any friends that have a plant ask for a few cuttings. They are easy to root. I would imagine that it would take a long time to grow from seed. I agree with just buying a plant from a garden center somewhere, instant gratification!
Yea, I've bought 3 bush type lemon thyme plants @ $5 each. They will ship them after March 15th to where I live. Reason being, I'm interested in some natural ways to deter Varroa mites. A fairly common issue with honey bees. My soon to be 4 hives are getting some vegetation upgrades to help battle the issues. Thyme will soften the mite problem, but I like the lemony fragrance part of it to give some added appeal.
There is a great company out of Canada that I use quite often. I love them. They specialize in herb and have almost anything you could dream of. They have great prices and all U.S. orders are tax exempt. They have 22 varieties of time.

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