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My lilies are blooming. I wish I had more of them.


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More lilies.


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Hollyhocks and misc. flowers.


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Maggie, love the lilies mine won't bloom for about a week or until the sun comes back out, I like your Hollyhocks, I wish I could grow Hollyhocks, mine turn brown a die after the bloom so I gave up on them
Those are all so pretty Maggie! Some of my lillies are blooming now too.
Oh my goodness those lilies are beautiful!! Love the hollyhock also!! Aren't flowers the most wonderful little gifts!!
Border Lilies
Hydrangea bloom. I bought this bush when it was in bloom and it had pink blooms. Every year after that they were blue until this year and now they are purple. It's an Endless Summer hydrangea.
A bouquet my little great grand daughter picked and brought to me. She lives behind me and when she comes up through the field she always picks wildflowers for me.


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Beautiful flowers Maggie!!!:D Dont think any of my lilies have flowered yet.
My grandkids love to pick flowers too----usually the ones I'm trying to grow-LOL. Youngest granddaughter picked a "bouquet" of my chive blossoms the other day! :D
Whatever they pick is beautiful---------just as they are!;):D

gorgeous astilbe maggie i wish mine were that pretty...they are one year old this year and are supposed to be white, pink, red and lavender, so far it looks like only the pink&lavender made it but i have my fingers crossed....HPIM0998.jpg

Love daylilies

I love daylilies, but I planted a new one two years ago that just this year had a couple of blooms and the rest of the shoots were what I would call mutated with "cactus like" projections from the ends. Very strange! Not sure if I should dig up the plant or do something else with it. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to