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I have been pondering making a lily garden. I have a white easter lily and one yellow candy lily, but would love to get some more. Seeds or bulbs would be great so If you are cleaning out the garden and have some you don't want please let me know also how much to mail or if you are looking for some thing to trade I can trade if I have it, thanks Karen.
I wish I could help. But mine are only one winter old. When they multiply You sure would be welcome to some.
What do you have to trade?? I love trading as I always get great stuff. I have what my mom always called Christopher Lily. It has a huge white globe type flower. I also have a small lily good for pots. It has tiny orange flowers on a stalk. They are pretty hardy. I also have blue flag iris by the 1000's. And if you like ginger not sure what type but you can eat it. It needs a very large pot.

Karen, I just ordered a BUNCH of new Asiatic Lily bulbs from GHWild and they come in packs of 3, so I could probably spare some. Have some others that are on the way as well. (I can't stop!! :eek: LOL!)

What do you have for trade? I wouldn't have to get my end right away (I know you are good for it) ;), so if you have something we could agree on for later......
Seeds that I have;
5- white moon vine
1- mixed dianthus
1- Hendersons lima bean
2 spinless okra
3- pumpkin
3-shasta daisy
3- purple swirl datura
1- agave
2- easter egg plant seeds
1- c waiszewizii canna
4- basil
1- cantalope
2-blood root
1-hibiscus pale pink
1-purple dwarf nicotiana
1-aubretia purple cascade
1-small wave petunia
1-california poppy
4- lavender poppy
1-snap dragon
1-baby’s breath
4- mixed impatiens

I also have some red Dahlia bulbs.
Hope to save, mum seeds, different colors
self seeding iris, purple color
yellow sundrop seed
purple or white liastrus
white swan coneflower
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