look what I bought

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Kya D

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At Wal-mart.... Sedum sieboldii 'Mediovariegatum' (October Daphne):):D
It looks like autumn joy sedum except it has green and yellow foliage.
I luv, luv, luv it and it only cost 2 dollars on mark down for this 15" tall plant in a qt. pot.;)
Dawn, later on, when your baby grows up, would you share a sprig or two with me please? I've been wanting that one forever! :)
Ms Dizzy YOU are the first on my list if I was in town I would go buy you one right now and for dwf daylilies if the little beasts EVER get to growing and blooming
Aren't they just gorgeous, what color.
I bought mine yesterday at wal-mart does yours have any.
They had lot of basket of gold alyssum (I knew what is was cuz MY FRIEND Dizzy sent me some) and this sedum
I am going to call my bouncing baby boy and see if he can pick one up for you.
That's really lovely and what a great deal. I'll be so happy when they open the new Wal-Mart supper store two miles from me.
Five years ago Costco and Wal-Mart proposed building new large stores in our area. Costco went ahead and put in the infrastructure they needed, built their store and have been doing business for four years. In the mean time Wal-Mart contended that they will be bringing in new tax dollars so the city should pay for the infrastructure for their store as an investment. The city is broke so although they tried everything it got them no where. If they had followed Costco’s lead they would have been doing business for four years as well. AND I could have been shopping there for the last four years. Better late then never. Next year I’ll be bragging about the bargains I find. :D
Dang Bernie our nearest Costco is 200 miles from here.
The nearest wal mart is 145 miles
So I can't get as many GREAT buys as I used to when I lived there
Holy cow I forget you live WAY OUT THERE. That makes me even happier for you that you found that bargain. You earned it just for making the drive.
I love shopping at Costco. We drove down this morning to Myrtle Beach to shop at Costco and go to Tanger Outlet. Saved a lot of money today.
Good for you Kya!! I love it when I find something special and getting it marked down is even better!!

Bernie, it took us nine years to get our Walmart. They fought with the city and township here also...maybe they do that everywhere.
What a beautiful plant, Dawn! I really like the colors too!

I will have to go to our wal mart and check out their plants. I am so glad that you found a good deal.
I think that it has yellow blossoms too. It should look really pretty with my autumn joy.
My hens and chicks that I ordered and some I was given are doing really great in my big old hollowed out log too.
At Wal-mart.... Sedum sieboldii 'Mediovariegatum' (October Daphne):):D
It looks like autumn joy sedum except it has green and yellow foliage.
I luv, luv, luv it and it only cost 2 dollars on mark down for this 15" tall plant in a qt. pot.;)

Yikes Kya,
I think it must be mislabeled. I did a ton of propagation of the one that you listed where I worked in Ontario and it is like the 2nd and 3rd plants on Dave's forum. I am not sure which one you got, maybe 'Frosty Morn'. It grows more upright like Autumn Joy. Sieboldii is a shorty, maybe 3 or 4" at best with lovely blue and yellow variegation.
On the other hand, it sounds like you got a bargain that you are really happy with, so a big congrats to you.
I don't know, it may have been mislabeled so maybe I don't know what kins it is, it doesn't look anything like frosty morn. I does grow and look like autumn joy but it has leaves that are green on the outside and yellow down the middle.
Which ever Ms Dizzy we got you one.
Could it be this one? Sedum alboroseum 'Mediovariegatum' You can see a picture of it on hostas.com.

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