look what I bought

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Jade I think you found it
Sedum alboroseum 'Mediovariegatum
All several dozen at wal mart were tagged the same as october daphne
I'm glad to find the proper name
Kya, I hope that you didn't think I was being a smartie pants there, it is just that I have done extensive sedum propagation in the past and was excited to hear that you had gotten one of my favorite sedums but I knew that it was a shorty. So far I only have Autumn Joy in my yard, and I even managed to kill one of those last year, not sure how, but it happened.
I was lucky to find Hosta 'Great Expectations' last year at Walmart for a really great price. It is one of my favorites. I got some pics yesterday, gotta get them off the camera today and get some posted.
Oh no not a smarty pants... I just assumed that the tag was right and not knowing for sure I believed it.
But on the other hand I buy plants I like and the name is only secondary to me. That is if it will grow in zone 4-5

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