Looking for Asparagus

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does anyone have any small plants or seeds for Asparagus that I could get, will trade or pay postage, thanks Karen.
Karen - I might be able to harvest some seed soon I will check it out again tomarrow I have 2 pieces that went to seed. I bought our asparagus in Walmart for $6 a bag and the bags were full I think like 15 root crowns per bag
OH i'm going there today and will look and see if they have any here, it's good to see you on here we have missed you, I'll let you know if i find any or not..
If not I can check at the local garden center they had them for 65 cents a crown or as I said before I will try to catch some seed I have at least 2 spears going to seed
well i looked and looked, things around here are scarce i think it's because of the frost we had. So if you could get me some seed that would be great, thanks karen.
I grow it and love it I just wondered about growing it from seed.
I always heard that it was pretty tough to grow it from seed.
I was just curious
The seed I have says
start seeds indoors 12-14 weeks before planting outdoors.
Before planting soak 24- 48 hours before planting. Grow in a sunny window. Transplant into full sun setting 3-5 inches apart. After one year transplant to a permanent location where they will be undisturbed. Harvest the first crop after 3 years then every spring.
wow one of my garden books says to not let it go to seed or it will take over your lawn. I will try to get you some seed to try and I will try to look around for some more
I always buy crowns. I have 4 surviving if the rains don't get them. It takes a very long time to get a size you can eat from seeds. The best way to get them is by division of crowns. Anything under 3 years won't produce canes of any size and very few at that. Rodents are attracted to the crowns. Tim just built my neighbor a cover for hers. She has been trying to grow them for the last couple years since she saw mine. The opossums and dillas and squirrels kept digging them up and eating the crowns:(
What kind of cover crabber? We have been talking about building some kind of covers. We are getting a frost again tonight. I bought 2 year crowns but will check at the garden center for some today sunflower. Crabber do you do anything in the fall with them? I was thinking about mulching over the top of the bed would that be harmful or ok? This is the first year I have tried to these we also tried celery my kids are loving growing the celery
we have no put in asparagus here yet...but in every other place we have lived we had nice beds of it....as was sadi really not good eating until the third year...although I always ate it ......when we would but in the beds we added some sand ...about 1/4 part to the soil and in the fall I would just cover with leaves...about 3 to 4 inches deep...then come spring I would take off all but about 1/2 inch of them ...can not wait until next year to get a bed in...
I mulch mine over when it starts freezing. They do just fine here but we have no frost line. Tim says they grow wild in Kentucky and do great. I actually think they may like the cooler temps.
The cover Tim made was a wood frame (1X2's light so my older neighbor can lift it by herself) with chicken wire streched across it. The bed he made it for was a raised bed with sides so the cover just laid across the rails. The spears are growing up through the wire. So far not trouble with vermin:D
Sounds cool. I am going to try to make one. I was goign to mix some manure and peat together and mulch over the asparagus, the garden, and the rose the dirt in that area is really hard and miserable Bill thinks it is almost like a type of clay soil. everything is growing really good but I a hoping that mulching inthe fall will help loosen it up some
At the end of the growing season you can dig out trenches from the sides and fill with compost and mulch and that will help alot.
Asparagus do not like soil that holds water. Add as much sand as you can. or place rocks under the crowns to help keep the water drained.

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