Looking for Sweet Potato Vine

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I would like the blackie sweet potato vine, but would take others if anyone has some,i'd like as much as you can give, I have seeds for trade and red dahlia bulbs.
Mine are just coming up Karen. I have Lime and Blackie I can trade with you later if you would like to wait. I would like to try your dahlia bulbs. lmk
Will the Blackie and Lime come back true. I got a varigated one 2 years ago and last year it came back all green. Just wondering because I want some for my pots.
Mine looked the same the last two years Maggie. I didn't know I had Lime in the location it came up but it was everywhere and so pretty. I finally had to thin it. I have about 3 or 4 little ones up now about 4 inches each. I have 2 different leaf types of the Blackie. When I bought them I thought they both said Blackie but the leaves are different. I haven't seen the varigated one before.
Sure, just remind me if I forget Karen. They would be up and going strong in a few weeks.
Dor do you know what zone they are hardy in? I always buy a couple of pots of them in the spring. I would love to over winter them. I am in zone 6
No, Sharon I don't know what zone they are hardy to. I am in zone 9 and mine keep coming back. One lime one died back and is just coming up, my two black ones and one of the lime ones I have around my oak tree didn't die down too much. They just looked to be a little dormant, now they are all started to revive and come out.
Dor I don't think anything dies in zone 9 lol I would love to garden in an area where you can keep a garden going through out the year. The winter before last I kept the the potatoes in their pots hoping they would come back the next season, but it didn't happen. I love the SP vines in hanging baskets.
Sharon, I think the only thing I lost last winter is my red boganvillea in a hanging pot. I left if outside and my next door neighbor and some others in the neighborhood are blooming. I watered mine to break dormancy if in fact it is dormant. Next I will feed it to see if it will bud out.

I love the long growing season and the light winters but the humdity and the hot summers leave a lot to be desired.
My sweet potato vine had a large tuber when I took it up 2 years ago. Last year there were about a dozen smaller ones about the size of a golf ball. This year I was digging around in the pot and there were 2 that was sprouting, so I must have left some of the smaller tubers. I set 3 more.
would like to know if these sweet potatoes are edible or not?? I have some from Dor and some I purchased and would like to know if they get tubers can they be eatten or are they just ornaments???

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