Looking for variegated VINCA VINE

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I'm looking for the one that is used in hanging baskets, if any one has some rooted or cutting they don't want I would like it. for my baskets this year. I would be happy to send some postage if needed, thanks Karen.
Karen I don't have any vinca now but I use to at my last house. At the end of the growing season I would take them out of the planters, split them and dig them into the garden for the winter and they would come back every spring. I hope somebody can help you out.
I have 2 types, green and white and green and sort of a yellowish cream, both sort of run wild in my gardens. Be happy to share for a couple of stamps.

I would love some,how much postage do you want, I would like lots of the plants for my baskets, I all have them every where here for the hummingbirds. So please let me know and then I'll send you some or if you have paypal I can do it that way too. Let me know and thanks a bunch, karen.

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