Lots of us raise chickens

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Kya D

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At least it seems like it.
What kind of hens do you have and what ones do you plan to order this year.
What kind are your favs
I have buff orphingtons, rhode island reds, araucanas, and Black Australorps
and some mixed breeds that my banties have hatched over the years.
I also have banties....mille fleur, they are my all time favs, white silkies, lots of dark brahmas, araucanas, and some mixed breeds
My favs have been australorps. Which for some reason are hard to find down here. I love the Rhode Isands and had a bunch of those at one time but Tim says they are too plain. I guess I just lost my last round head hatch with green legs, lays green eggs. She has been MIA for 4 days now :( I had a spangle rooster several years ago and something got him, people were amazed he was red , white, and blue. Somewhere in these threads are some pictures of my really cool chickens. They have always all been like pets.They all have names.
I had the most fun with the banties. You can house break them, they have huge personalities too!
I love chickens!
I just priced peeps straight pullets for $2.95 I have to shop up north a bit to see if I can find some Australorps. They are so loving.
OH OH OH By the way. I have some corks for you. I have a Patron cork that will make a really cool horse head. I will try to get them in the mail on Monday :D
I wanna raise ducks!!! I love duck eggs

plus I love ducks but these would be layers/pets and not food
(even tho I really love grilled duck)
CG you're the woman I would love the corks.
The price of chicks, like everything else, has shot up
I always order from Dunlaps they are the best company I have ordered from and they are in Idaho so the shipping stress is much less. The prices are reasonable and since I don't care what breed I get I always order Dunlaps Choice, they are all pullets and mostly heavies.
Wolfie, I have 3 ducks that I got from freecycle. I have 1 peking drake and 2 domestic mallards that are hens. Funny thing is that one of the ducks lays white eggs and the other lays green eggs. I have only seen them lay white eggs so the green ones are fun.
I get a magazine from our area electric cooperative it has two ad's in the back with chick's for sale.
First say's exotic chick's or duck's it's from cacklehatchery.com this is in Lebanon Mo.
turkey's bantum's guineas,pheasant's,quail 100 for 31.93 plus postage.:)

The next place is Red Top Chick farm in Marietta Pa.they have big red's.big buff whites,silver laced black gaints,29.95 per 100 plus 10 free 0r 50 for 18.95
sounds like good deals on these chicks.
SL if Red Top Chick Farm has a phone # could you please PM it to me. I can't find them on the net
Chicken's? When I was a little, I remember we use to have a few. But now all I have are several sheep, several due to the stray dog population and coyotes.
I'll tell ya what Allen those stinkin dogs and coyotes are just plain destructive when they get into sheep or chickens.
I just ordered a couple of speckled sussex hens. I already have a speckled sussex rooster named Chipotle. And my girls:

Taffy (a red sex link)
Truffle (a black sex link)
Twix (all game hens I rescued from a cock fighting sting)
Buttercup ( a bearded Aracuana)
Sugar ( a silver Hamberg)
Pepper (a black Australorp)

I have four ducks. They are Khaki Campbells and lay eggs all year round.
Chevy,Chase,Rusty and Audrey seem to have a good time no matter what the weather!
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i would love to have some chicken but need to build a pen as the coyotes, foxes, and other animals would get them
Our chickens know I'm a soft touch and will stand around me clucking until I give in and scatter about a pint of sunflower seeds for them.
On my walk there are chickens. I've never seen them but you sure can hear them. We live in a city so I didn't expect to hear them here but yeah. I am not fond of chickens but then I've not had room for them in years.
I was out next to the garage working on a trailer this afternoon and the chickens were hanging around close. When I started putting my tools away they followed me to the open door of the garage where I keep the sunflower seeds.
I swear they come when they are called they are little beggars, and when I was little I couldn't believe my Mom was so smitten with her hens but now that I have my own I sure do see why she liked them so much.
I have a mille fluer hen who talks and talks to me until I feed her seperate from the other hens But she is almost 12 years old and we must just understand each other

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