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I have seen as late that you can buy seed tape...rolls of paper with seeds on just roll it out to plant...
When it comes to radishes, carrots...beans ...greens...any seed you plant in a row...well I have made my own for many years..svae the back when planting...
I take a roll of paper towel... and cut it in sections


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then roll out your paper...
take some flour and add a bit of water and made a think paste..
put a drop on the the drops accourding to the seeds you are planting...then place the seed on the paste and allow to dry can then roll in up on an empty roll I save the TP cardbaords to roll them up on


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I love it. I use to buy them for flower beds a very long time ago. Then I saw where you can buy BD cards and such that are made from recyeld paper and they have seeds in them and you plant the whole card. I just love this stuff.
Thanks for the recipe
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