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Here is a picture of one of my sunflowers that hasn't bloomed yet. We have a few around the garden. The fence is 4 1/2' tall.


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I had one that topped out a 14' amd the flower was huge. I'll see if I can find the picture of it.
I'm jelous! My uncle gave me seeds last year from his sunflowers which topped out at about 13'-15'. The tallest one I got was 6', it hasn't bloomed yet but I'm going to ask him for more seeds and try them in a different place. I have a tree stump which is ugly in the front of my yard. I'm going to get a big tractor tire and place it around it and then fill with some nice fresh dirt and compost and plant the giant sunflowers there.

I hope for some better resualts then this year.

Gorgeous sunflower.
Well since I got struck by lightening ( well not me my house) my home computer is toast with all my pics inside. :( If I get it fixed I'll post my pic. My guy says he might be able to recover the pics.
My BIGGEST sunflower

Wanted to show my BIGGEST sunflower too!




Roasted LOTS of sunflower seeds :)
I am about ready to sprout 7 different varieties of Sunny's :p

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