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My Mimosa tree is full of pretty pink flower's.


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Once again I am jealous, they grow in the area along the hudson river but I am a 1/2 zone colder, 20 minutes away and they don't grow here, they are so beautiful, thanks for sharing.
That is really a pretty tree. I have one but haven't noticed if it's blooming yet. We had one to come up in the perfect place and decided to let it grow, we kept all the lower branches cut off and staked it so it would grow straight up. It is now about 20ft. tall or more and is a nice canopy.
Myfedora what zone are you in? they grow in the NYC.
They are such beautiful trees, I had one when I lived in Or. and just loved it. Thanks for sharing.
They are pretty but are invasive they are everywhere a seed drop's.
Oh they're a declared noxious weed here.......anyone who has one is obliged to take the seed pods off the tree while still green, but the blossom is still very nice:)
Don't forget....

that humming birds like them. I kept an old half dead one around for the hummingbirds and wood peckers for years. Finally it leaned iver and my dear wife made me take it down.

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