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I thought all my company had left, then I spotted this uninvited fellow.

I've had a bit of a problem since they put my new door up, after the break-in. the old storm door doesn't fit right, but I haven't been able to afford a new one. So, there are gaps between the storm door and the regular door. When the sun hit the front porch, it gets nice and toasty warm between the glass of the storm door and the metal of the front door, and there are always a half dozen or so lizards sunning there. Then I open the front door and oops! Gotta stop and chase lizards all over the front room. Must have missed this fellow.

Oh, and a few gratuitous cat and dog pictures thrown in!


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And some more pictures...


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And another anolis lizard.

've never been sure if my beloved comes to South Carolina every Christmas to see me, or to enjoy the sunny and warm spell we usually have around Christmas. Either way, once the sun is up and shining, you can find him parked in chair out back, working on his trophy tan.

So, anyway, a couple of days ago, He Who Plagues was walking across the yard and noticed an anolis lizard on the ground. In my evolving garden philosophy, I try not to use any pesticides, not even organic ones, and the numbers of tree frogs and lizards have exploded in my yard. He watched the little anolis, thought about it a minute, then picked it up. It didn't react much, seemed pretty sluggish, so he continued on to his chair in the sun with the lizard sitting on his hand. By the time I got outside, the lizard had livened up considerably, but seemed to content to stay on his warm hand in the warmer sun.


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Blue your new little blue girl looks like she is fitting right in with your family. She is such a cutie. I don't remember what you decided to call her
She's been difficult to hang the right name on. She was so malnourished and had just had her spay surgery when I brought her home, so it's just been the last few days that her personality has really emerged.

I tried China, Emily, Shadow, Stormy, Henrietta, and Sally. I wanted to call her Josephine, but my family roundly vetoed that over Christmas. My sister was by today, though, and agreed that Josephine might just be a good fit. I could call her Jo for short, and it goes well with Abigail and Isabelle. So, right now I'm trying Josephine and seeing if it sticks.
Yeah, Izzy can be a real sweetheart. I feel sorta bad for her. First she had Abigail to compete with for attention when we go out, and Abby is such a beautiful, flashy blue merle with one blue eye and one brown. Now she has *two* blue merles to compete with, and Josephine is little and cute.

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