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The dogs love the cold weather! They're wild!




See all the white bits in that last picture? They used to be inside the green comforter. I had wrapped some plants against the cold with it, but when I came outside Sunday, I found it being used as a tug toy!
Looks like a stuffed toy to me. My daughter's greyhounds have all seemed to love the stuffed toys. They didn't play tug of war with them though. They just liked to carry them around. They have another greyhound now. It is their fourth rescued greyhound from the racing business. They used to just destroy the greyhounds when their racing days were over. The one they have now (Silver) retired early as he broke a leg. But that ended his racing. He has a cushy job now though. My older daughter and her husband just love them to pieces.
Hmmm, my post seems to have vanished. Oh well.

Yes, it is a stuffed toy, a rabbit. They've desqueakered it, and partially destuffed it; but they still think it's fun. I came out one of this cold mornings and found it frozen on the ground with stuffing scattered around it. It was oddly gruesome, and I decided not to buy any more life like toys!

Randy, my parents had a rescued greyhound, Luke, and he was a very sweet dog. My father used to wait on that dog hand and foot, too! They have that whole tragic look thing going on, and all Luke had to do was fix his big brown eyes on Dad, and he melted.
Cute pictures, My golden retriever Ozzie has had the same 3 beanie baby toys since he was a pup, he just mouths them. He'll be 12 in Feb. They are faded and worn, I throw them in the wash machine every so often. He also sleeps with them in front of his paws. What a great gift from God, our pets.
Kya, I hear rumors of dogs like Annette's that take good care of their toys, but I think they're mythical, like a Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster, or Curbie.
That's pretty funny. My brother had a dog he named Ralph and occasionally Denny would buy Ralph a squeaky toy and that dog would go bananas until he killed the squeak. Then he was through with the toy. The lifespan of the toy was about 15 minutes, but it was 15 minutes of laughter watching Ralph attack that toy.

Your aussie is gorgeous! I've had a few aussies in the past, my most recent was Spice. She is my soul mate and is waiting for me on the other side of the bridge. I lost her about four years ago. I still miss her dearly but now have an ACD, can you imagine?! This is Spice:

Here is a photo of Tucker during an AKC herding trial. A sheep had split and he is retrieving it back to the flock. Sorry about all the photos but I'm passionate about my dogs. I wanted a challenge when I got him. Ha, I think I got more than I bargained for!!!!

Great pictures, Doug. I'm sure I can speak for all and say that we love stuff like that.
Doug, Spice is a real beauty! I know what you mean about missing them, I still my Matilda. Life goes on, though, and now I've added Isabelle and Josephine to keep Abigail, me, and the cats company.

I included ACD's in my search when I was looking for another dog. I knew I wanted another herding dog or herding dog mix. Josephine came up first, though, and I do have a bit of a bias towards Aussie Shepherds.

Tucker sure looks intense! I bet the sheep don't stand a chance.
Thanks Randy and Kya D.


I totally understand your bias, I loved my aussies. IMHO the Australian Shepherd is probably the most beautiful of the herding group and makes a darned good companion also. This dog's loyalty is amazing; we have a few up here who compete and they are also very good working dogs. I grew up around both breeds when I was a kid in Idaho.

The ACD is a bit more challenge and his loyalty is also unbelievable. Problem is, they were bred for people in their early twenty's I believe and unfortunately, I'm a fair bit older than that, so as you can probably imagine, I spend most of my time running around with my tongue hanging out! :D
Well well well Doug in Alaska! Welcome and how are you doing!?
Wondered often on how you were doing and those dear and Moose that just love your roses! Oh what absolutely simply gorgeous best friends!
Nothing like a "working" dog !
I feel the rush already. How exciting to see the speed and power of a dog having fun!

Missed You great to see you!

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