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A new store opened by the mall last night. It's called Marden's and they buy places out that are going out of business, fire damage, etc. Not sure if they are just in Maine or not but you can get some good deals there.
They had bags of 5 astibles for $2.99 and I couldn't resist them.I bought 2 bags, planted 8 and my mom wanted 2 so gave them to her. Anxious to see what colors they will be. The deer don't eat them so I can have them in my yard.
Last week I bought 2 bags of 45 glads ($2.00 ea)@ the Christmas Tree Store and gave them to my mom as she said she needed more plants that bloom later in the yr. She only planted 1/2 bag and gave the rest to me. I planted some in her side garden today and finished planting them around my yard. I had planted 75 of them in my yard Memorial weekend. Hoping they all do good and bloom.
I got some pink coneflowers off freecycle today. Gave a clump to my mom and planted 6 clumps in my yard. She also gave me yellow daylilies, some purple iris, and some mint. Got that all planted except for the daylilies.
Tomorrow projects are to get the lawn moved, plant the veggies in the oak barrels, plant some more pole beans in the garden and some pie pumpkins.
Got a deal on seeds at the CTS, they were 75% off so got some veggies for next yr and some other seeds, couldn't resist paying .32 a package. Will put them in the frig til next spring.
You did get some good deals. I wish we had a place around here like that. I would buy plants all the time and plant them a few at a time. I just can't work in the gardens like I used to tho. I would like to move one of my flower beds but I'm not able to.
You done good.I love to find good deal's.I found a pack of glad bulb's today for $1.00 and a few pack's of marigold's,beautiful blue morning glory seed for 10 cent each.This late in the season seed and bub's are on clearance already.:)


You did get some great deals.:) I would love to find a package of 45 Glads for $2.00.. I have been looking into them and see where many people have paid up to $10 each for them.

We dont have that store but we have Hudsons and Hudsons Dirt Cheap, which it similar. I will have to check them out more often.

I hope they all turn out beautiful.

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