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So I am starting with a rather small potted garden at the moment. I currently have on hand:

Two Basil plants
One Blueberry Bush
One Raspberry Bush
One Blackberry Bush
Two Strawberry Runners (In same pot)
One Husker Cherry Tomato hybrid
One (Germinating) Sugar Snap Pea vine
And a pot with a cactus and two Venus Phlytraps ;-) Gotta have some protection eh?

In the following weeks I will be tilling and planting Okra, Jalapeno Peppers, both Concord and (white) grapes, possibly spinach and other mixed field greens.

I live in Central Oklahoma - the weather is warm/cold and humid right now, the sun is shining very nicely as well.

One good thing about having the more delicate plants in pots is that I can bring them inside for storms or place them in the sun at my will. The other day I brought in all of my plants except the blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, which were found turned over the next morning after a rather strong and windy storm. The plants looked like they were in pain, but I went ahead, re-potted and watered again. The following two days of sunlight proved to be enough for them to gain their strength back and only suffer a few broken leaves and twigs - nothing major. If anything, I'd say that the disturbance may have triggered stronger growth.

Anyway, I've had these plants for about a week now and I am obsessed with watching their progress. When comparing daily progress, I can see massive change. Just after a week, all of my plants seem to be flourishing. The Strawberries are beginning to fruit, the basil is delicious, the blueberries seem to be beginning either a flowering or a fruiting process, and my venus flytraps seem to love the little critters I can find to drop into their killer pods. (Which brings me to mention that I did try a small slug that I found, he went into three separate pods, closing them for a day or two, and would somehow slither himself out of each one - I discarded him into the backyard.)

I will post photos in chronological order. Please feel free to leave any tips, questions, or comments.
Photos 3-29-2010

Here's the pictures of the plants just after I had purchased them and planted them.


Two Basil Plants


Blackberries and Raspberries. BB has darker leaves than RB






Husker Cherry Red Tomatoes


Vicious Venus Flytraps plus Cacti-like Friend
Day 5 Progression - 4-3-2010

On the early morning of Day 4 there was a storm which knocked the blues, rasps, and blackberries over and on top of themselves. I was freaked out at first, but they seem resilient. I re-potted and watered, they seem to be doing fine now on day 5.


Husker Cherry Tomatoes + Both Basil Plants
The tomato plant has nearly doubled in size if you cannot tell from the first pictures. The Basil plants have had a bit of their leaves removed (I made pasta) but nonetheless seem to be flourishing.


A more close up image of the Husker Cherry Tomato plant


Strawberries are doing great. I have no straw yet, so I used sticks for the time being. The fruit is beginning to appear, as I have been self-pollinating the flowers.



Two Strawberries developing


Blueberries from up top. Either these little sacs are going to become fruit or flowers... Not quite sure yet.


Close-Up of the sacs on the blueberry plant.


Blackberry bush looking healthy.


Raspberry bush looking healthy as well.
Is your blueberry a self-pollinator? Most blueberries require a second one of a different variety. I don't have any blueberries here, but I do have two farmer friends that both grow them.
No I do believe that I need another strand of blueberries to pollinate my flowers. Today is the first day that I've noticed the bell-shaped flowers opening up.

Any idea where I could possibly order blueberry pollen from online? I would like to see fruit this year if possible!

One question to anyone who may know, do they need to be pollinated only once and they they continue to bear fruit year after year?
Thank you for sharing Phly! ...and welcome to our forum!
Here's a hint on uploading photos that are the right size that will fit the page and post: Resize your photos to around 600x400 pixels (even 800x600pixels is ok). This size takes only a few seconds to upload! It is very difficult and time consuming for those who are using basic internet serice to see your photos!
If you have any questions feel free to ask, and I'll be happy to walk you through the process!
I've never heard of pollen being available for sale. When I planted blueberries, I planted three or four different varieties so pollination was not a problem. I had twenty bushes back then. My farmer friends have many acres of them.
I can't remember all the names of the ones I had, but I can remember a couple of them. One was Berkeley and the other was Blueray.
They need to be pollinated year after year to have fruit. Every year when they are flowering they need to be pollinated. Is there a nursery nearby where you could buy another plant that is in flower now?
I am going to head into a nursery around the corner and see right quick. In the meantime, here are progress photos as of today. (15 mins or so ago to be exact) Exactly 2 weeks after I started everything. I have provided direct links to the pictures so the page is more user friendly.
Ever since I started feeding these things any critters I find, I keep them moist and they just sprout up new heads every few days!
Now these actual STRAWberries (rather than stickberries) are looking wonderful. Bearing quite a bit of fruit which is seen ripening here.
Closer view of my most ripe strawberry.
MONSTER cherry red tomato plant. This thing is growing at an insane rate... it seems to double daily.
Spicy Globe Basil looking great.
Blackberry, Raspberry, Blueberry
Overall Progress
Sugar Snap Peas progressing.
Sugar snaps transplanted.
10ft x 14ft box completely turned and designed... I don't know where I came up with this design but I believe it will be efficient. Okra, Artichokes, Jalapenos and Sugar Snap Peas are planted here.

Please leave comments!
So I went to look for more blueberry plants, will be delivered Friday. While I was there I picked up two new supersweet cherry tomato plants, two broccoli stalks, one emerald bell pepper plant, and new moss and such for the venus flytraps.
The two new "Supersweet" red cherry tomato plants
Two Broccoli stalks, already budding. One Emerald Bell pepper plant.
Two angles of the newly planted venus flytraps. I pulled the moss off of the roots and replanted them entirely. Found two smaller 'runners' or bulbs... They're looking wonderful!
Cool. Keep us up to date. We love the success stories such as yours. Often new gardeners have set backs that keep them from continuing. Keep up the great work!
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