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I make and sell Dog Coats and this year I have also decided to make harness and Leash sets for the tiny dogs. I made up a few and took them to a market well I now have none left. They are a little bit finikey to make but they are cute. Thought I would share a couple with you.


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That's very creative and so cute! I bet you could also sell on ebay and do very good if you could make them fast enough..
Those are nice hard to find something tiny.My daughter has a tiny chihuahua.She makes her own too most are way to big.
Haven't seen any activity in here for awhile so thought I might post a shot of some fun work. I do some of the cooking in the family and really do appreciate a good knife. They aren't easy to find one that is both high in quality and affordable. Several months back I watched a woodworking video and saw that I could buy good quality blades and them put my own handles on them. The result is that I have some high quality knives now for kitchen use that stay sharp. The wood is 'bubinga', one of the exotic woods of South America. It is hard and close-grained with a very pretty pattern. The blades are Damascus steel, made in Japan, which is a process of folding layers, 67 of them, over a core of high carbon steel and forge welding them.

Randy they should last you a lifetime, especially being constructed with such high quality materials.....great job!
I am pretty sure they will, John. There are two more knives that I made for our own kitchen, both are paring knives. One of the paring knives is the same Damascus steel as the two pictured along with a more ordinary paring knife that is stainless American made steel. They also have Bubinga wood handles. My sister raved about my knives when she saw the photos so I made the same set of three using the Damascus steel blades and sent them to her for a gift. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to