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This is my garden bench that I put in the middle of my big arbor. Since this is one of your common concrete benches I decided to make it different that everyone else. I painted the raised design on it to make it pop more. Once the paint dries I am going to weather protect the concrete with water proofer/sealer for concrete. That makes it last a lot longer. I do that with all my concrete stuff.:D


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That is so "original". It's nice to have something that stands out different. Great job!!!
Thank you all! My neighbor asked me if I really needed all the flowers, birdhouses, and my other crafts in the yard. I asked him if my yard was looking junky and he said no. His wife wants him to start doing more flower beds and stuff. Because she seen mine and really likes them! He said he has to listen to her nag all day now. He doesn't want anything he has to mow around! LOL
I love your bench. I sure would like one in my yard. I have just the spot for it.
That's really pretty. I keep telling my husband that the more flower beds and stuff in the yard the less he'll have to mow. Boy, was it a great thing to hear my 25 year old son say he told his girlfriend that the more flowers she has the less he has to mow!!! His dad looked at him like he had 3 eyes, but I'm sure I had a satisfied look on my face. My baby boy. :)
I'm in the process of making a bench. Not a cement one but the ones that have the metal sides and wood slats that you sit on. I found the sides at a flea market for $3, all I have to do is make the slats. It's a mini one for a flower garden. I will probably sit a couple of frogs on it.
Also hubby is making some woodpecker feeders. The kind that you put the log suet in. He made one from a treated post but had to tell him he did that one for practice. Can't have treated, so we went and bought a douglas fir 4X4 today. Can't wait to show pictures! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to