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This just arrived today and I just love it! This is a sunset Jade. It looks like a verigated jade right now because it needs to be in the light for while so it will get the pink on the leaves. It is a very beautiful jade when it is in full color. But I am really impressed with it anyways, I was not expecting to get such a nice plant. I thought it was going to be much smaller so I am very blessed:D



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Hi RR! Congratulations on your new baby! I have never seen a variegated jade before and it is beautiful! And it will get pink with more light?? Even better! hehe. :)

What a cool looking plant! It looks really healthy! I think it looks great the way it if it gets pink on the leaves, it will be a really phenomenal and cool plant! Congrats! It's easy to see why you liked it so much!
Thanks everyone! I have been looking at the differant kinds of Jades and I am really fond of them. There is another variety of the sunset Jade that gets orange and yellow leaves it is just magnificent looking. I may try to get that one next. There is also a red tipped Jade that is really neat. And a flute or trumpet Jade..a "baby" Jade....lots of kinds, it is really quit a neat plant with all its variations.

Good for You .. YOU got a new baby and someone stole one of my BIG Rocks form my front garden,just notice while cleaning up a bit...

Congratulations!:D just don't bring it here... someone make walk away with it ...

Enjoy the road,babies grow - up so quickly these days!! :p
Nice,I've not ever seen a variegated one before either - Congrats.!
Here is my baby looking a little more perky after being home for couple days and getting some love and attention:) You can see the verigation better now, I cant wait till it turns pink.


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RR congrats on your new Jade I didn't know they came is such a variety. I have one that is 7 or 8 years old and has gotten pretty big, this past summer I pinched off a few tops and just stuck them in potting mix. The baby is doing so good that I am going to start a bunch more this summer.
When this one has had time to grow I will give cutting to anyone who wants them.

RiverRock.........Congrats............what a neat looking plant, have never seen one varigated before, now I must keep my eyes opened for that one....:) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to