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So we went to Lowes. We were looking for a new trellis but instead my hubby (good guy) bought me this arbor. I think it works with my deck what do you think. Can't wait for the rose to get big enough to climb on it.


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WOW..........that look sgrat Lyn....your roses will look beautiful climbing on the arbor
Lyn, the arbour will look wonderful when the rose climbs over it. My much better half has always wanted one too, but finding the time to build has been hard. I may have to go and buy one too as that one looks great, what rose are you growing over it?
I have a blaze climber planted on one side I thought i might put something else on the other side but can't decide what I want. maybe a pretty clematis or not. I'll just start looking for something.
I've always wanted one. Had thought of building one but with my hand problems I haven't been able to. Might have to save my pennies and buy one.
Good GUY! Gosh I'd say so. :)
That's lovely and it's going to look spectacular with a blooming rose on it.
That is so beautiful lyn even empty...once the roses are groing It will really be a wonderful site to see...I look forward to pictures...
Lynn what a great hubby you have. Arbors are always a great addition to the garden. That is going to look wonderful covered with roses. How long do you think it will take for the roses to cover it?
I have a few thoughts:
One is... what a great GUY! AND… Congratulations!

The arbor is beautiful and roses will love it but...I do have a concern with passing through and possibly hurting ones self or snapping branches.
I know of at least two that was placed in a walkway and when passed stems get broken and people get “thorned”. I don’t want to be a kill joy in any way or bust your bubble, I am just explaining how I have seen it to work.

Now, if you do not use that walkway and entrance, never carry groceries or children or stuff thru there and don’t plan on using the hand rail; it would be fine, again the arbor is beautiful, no doubt!
And I wish I could afford one! But I wouldn’t put it there for roses .
Clematis yes, roses no.
I just went to big lots and bought bamboo sticks to make my trellis’.
You are blessed.
It may work if you planted the roses far enough away from the center of the arbor on the left side (of the photo) and carefully monitored the growth and tied every 6inches or so. It sounds easy enough but to actually keep up with the growth will be a mindful chore in and of itself. but...that may work.
Don't mean to be difficult.
May I suggest walking through it several times with something in your arms ,walk naturally and see if you hit the arbor. It may be wider then the ones I know of .
My back porch steps are only 3feet wide.

Enjoy and again congratulations.:)

Swindy, a well bred Climbing Blaze; within a good 3years I'm guessing.:D

kale i did think about that. it is wider than the steps so that is less of a problem. the steps to the deck are wide enough to go up with things in your arms. I have the rose on the outside of the arbor so the thorns shouldn't be much of a problem as long as i clip anything that grows on the inside of it. I remember this from my old aunties arbor she had with roses on it. I have actually thought it out before i did it. I'm just waiting for it to grow now.
:D:D:D Well In that case EXCELLENT! :D:D;)

Are you going to put something on the other side?:D

Have fun with it. I just felt that sometimes when you are so excited you really may not think of all the problems or may not even care just because it fits so perfectly or you heart has desired it for so long. Well sometimes we just get caught up in the excitement... Didn't want you to get hooked on excitement and be disappointed later, thus causing you to loose your affection when you start getting thorned or something.
You are OK with it there:) knowing it is hard to keep track of roses and you can't just bend them into submission like a cucumber plant*LOL


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