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My roses are getting a good start. I have feed and pruned them and just waiting for them to do their thing. Some of them are putting on a show.

Double delight 2009, Blaze of Glory climbing rose 2009, Altissimo, Blaze, Old fashioned white climbing rose


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A few more roses

Here's a few more. I have one I think is a Joseph's coat that doesn't like it's location so I will be moving it.

A volunteer of my old fashioned white rose, yippee Peach Climbing rose, and Tiffany rose.


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Thanks Ron. My pics just don't do them justice. I wish I was better at it but I will keep them coming.
Beautiful blooms Dor. Roses has become a big favorite of mine, I bought 3 climbers a few weeks ago. Excited to get them settled in and watch them grow :)
Roses are by far one of my favorites too Sandi. I am looking for a yellow one now
Dor your rose's are gorgeous.They are one of my favorite flower's.I don't have any open yet but have bud's.Want be long now.Thank's for sharing your's.
Thank you all. I have fed them and given them a little epsom salt and now we just need a little rain.
we do need some rain. I got my roses growing. I love them. I like that you can grow them in the north and the south. They are one tough plant. I couple of years ago I gave my daughter the rose her grandfather sent her in the hospital the day she was born. I pressed it and kept it for her. Dad has been gone a long time now. My roses are blooming nice now.
I had roses by the dozens and I love keeping them,. They were all registered J&P's. I wish I had the time it takes to make them look as beautiful as yours.
My roses

I had roses by the dozens and I love keeping them,. They were all registered J&P's. I wish I had the time it takes to make them look as beautiful as yours.

Nanci, I don't do much to my roses just prune and feed them, remove the dead and diseased leaves and move them if they don't like the spot they are planted in. My son re-did some rose beds late yesterday and they so nicely done. He moved my Jacob Coat and one other rose I lost the tag to. He will move a couple more climbling rosees when they stop blooming. My brug is overtaking them. I will post pics later.
Here's a few more of my roses

I have a few more pics of my roses I took today.

Tiffany with a little bug damage, a red climbing rose that was tagged peach, and a white climbing rose that was given to me.


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A few picture's I made this morning.:)


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My white climbing rose

My little old fashioned climbing rose has finally bloomed. It was full of buds. My red rose that was labeled peach climbling rose bloomed really heavily this year. This is the first time it ever had this many blooms.


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