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Dear Friends,
Ok, you all asked me to repost come Spring and everyone new if their plants had made it. So I'm reposting. We bought our 1st home last October and it's LARGE alonge with it's two equally large yards. Unfortunately I was only able to remove a handful of plants from the old house BEFORE the owners put a stop to it. Apparently it's against the law here that if you're renting and plant something or do improvements to the property to remove anything when you leave. So I had to leave all my plants behind. Now that we have our very own house there is little money for buying plants. HELP!!!!! So I'm asking for your help in this so that I can have my garden again. I'm willing to pay for postage for whatever you can send. Thank-you for reading this.
Always a friend,
Nancy aka sunshine98

I'm especially looking for the following but will accept anything:

Philodendron _variegated and also the heart shahped leaf type.
Purple Heart wandering Jew
Variegated Wandering Jew
Variegated Vinca Vine
Monkey Grass
Confederate Jasmine
Purple Honeysuckle
Burning Bush
Clematis (besides "sweet autumn)

I'm also making a Memory Garden for my Mom who passed away last year and for this I need the following as they were her favorites:
Carolina Jasmine
Cannas -- red, yellow, orange white and vaaariegated One is plenty
Yellow flowers such as chrysanthemums and daisies
Night blooming Jasmine
grape vines
Coral vine
Ms Nancy are you looking for house plants and yard plants?
I have lipstick plant cuttings and spider plant babies PLMK if you would like either and I will look around see what else I can find.
I know that I have limelights artemisia they spread like crazy
Your Flower Bud
Latebloomer, KyaD, Spider_Lily, thank-you for your kindness in sharing!! I have PM'd you all with my info. Thank-you!!
Always a friend,
Nancy aka fantasygal1
Send me your address I do have the Philodendron _variegated and also the heart shahped-Ferns 2 types
And Sago Palm seeds.
Thank-you all for now. I think I got enough plants 'cause now I'm broke.....LOL!!! You all have been SOOOOOO wonderful in sharing with me. I got a little of everything!!! I 'm sure my Mom & Dad will enjoy their share as well in their little corner of the Garden. So thank=-you my friends!!!!
Always a friend,
Nancy aka fantasygal1 aka sunshine98
Thank-you Latebloomer!!!! Your kindness and sharing are Very much appreciated!!! Thank-you!!!
Always a friend,
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