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We moved last month and most of my plants had to stay except for the few that I had potted up from trades. Now I'm faced with two blank yards and wonderful dirt but little money. I'm willing to send SASBE or pay postage for small boxes of plants.I also have some small spider plants and some baby MOT's that I can trade. I'm looking for houseplants as well I'm looking for the following plants or seeds.

Philodendron _variegated and also the heart shahped leaf type.
Purple Heart wandering Jew
Variegated Wandering Jew
Variegated Vinca Vine
Monkey Grass
Confederate Jasmine
Purple Honeysuckle
Burning Bush
Clematis (besides "sweet autumn)

OIr anything else as I'm open to anyhthing excdept trees and bushes

I'm also making a memory garden for my Mom who passed away on May 31st She liked the following:

Carolina Jasmine
Cannas -- red, yellow, orange white and vaaariegated One is plenty
Yellow flowers such as chrysanthemums and daisies
Night blooming Jasmine
grape vines
Coral vine

Thank-you to all that answer.
Always a friend,
Nancy aka Fantasygal1
Nancy I am so sorry about your Mother
I don't have any of the plants on your list. Wish I did.
I think Treva had cannas for postage, maybe she has one the color you want
I know she has some really pretty ones.
Next spring I will have a few of the plants on your list but with 15 degree nights I don't think I better send them now.
I have several house plant starts that I could send then too
Thank-you for your help Coco.!! I'll keep it in mind about Treva. Also, that a definite on Spring trade. Didn't expect anything now as we are all cold. Just thought I'd go ahead and start planning for then.Keeps the brain busy and I don't feel the pain in my arm and wrist as much. Hopefully the bandages will come off soon. Well, thanks again!!!!
Did you have surgery on your wrists?
I got your PM and will jump right on getting you the fun stuff.
Nancy, I can send you some peace lily in the spring if you want some. I need to separate them bad. Just wish I had known earlier before it got so cold. I may have some monkey grass and hostas to. So bring this thread back up in the spring because I tend to forget easily.
Yes, I would LOVE some Peace lily, thank-you!!!! Also, if you have them some monkey grass and Hostas!!! Thank-you!!! Just let me know how much it'll be and I'll send postage. How do I bring it back up?? Do you mean repost it????????????? Or is there a way to bump it up??

Thank-you for letting me know and I'll send you the postage soon as they get here. I'll also let you know when they get here. Thank-you!!!
Nancy I can send you the Purple heart wandering jew and Purple leaf Honeysuckle in the spring. Just remind me please.
Nancy will have the two wandering Jews your wanting one call a Hairy wandering jew,plus a couple of houseplants for you in the spring.
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Yes Nancy I mean repost or PM me you addy after it warms up enough to ship tender young plants.
Coco --Thank-you !!!!!!

Dorothy--- Thank-you!!! I'd LOVE the wandering jew and purple honeysuckle!!!! I'll email you in Spring to remind you as you said. Let me know how much postage to send either now or later.Thank-you again!!!

Lisa----- I'd LOVE the wandering jews and the houseplants in Spring. Will remind you as well. Thank-you!!!!Let me know how much postage to send either now or later.Thank-you-again!!!

Maggie---- Thank-you for clearing that up for!! I thought we could "bump" up our posts as they do in other forums that's why I asked. I'll repost then as well and send you my addy. Let me know how much postage to send either now or later. Thank-you again!!!
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