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Hi everyone, Im a stay at home mom with two wonderful children. We like to be outdoors and have started gardening this year! So just joining in the community here to learn more about gardening.
Welcome Veggiemom
So glad you joined us. What kind of gardening have you started to do?
Where are you located?
Hope to see you around more. Make yourself at home here. If you have any questions, ask away and someone will come along and answer them for you.
Hey good to have a new person. What ae you growing? Some of us grow veggies, some flowers, some both. Join in.
Welcome Veggiemom..come on in and enjoy what we have to offer. We're glad to have new faces and more input. Sit back, relax, enjoy, and tell us about your gardens.
Hi Veggiemom I'll repeat what every one above said, Welcome to GF and glad you joined us. Just jump in with any questions about gardening and someone will come along to answer your question. We have a lot of long time gardeners who love to share their knowledge and their gardens. Hope to see you around the threads.
WELCOME to our group, I'm sure you will like it here. You will learn a lot and if you have any ???? just ask. Someone will be able to help.
Relax and ENJOY!!!!!!
Welcome! We are so happy to have you join us. It always makes me happy to see a mom raise her kids in the garden. I raised mine that way and they both have followed that path in their adult lives. Give a kid veggies feed him for a meal, teach him to garden and he will never go hungry.
Welcome aboard and enjoy getting those hands dirty with the crew here! ( hint: it's addictive and fun combined ) :p
Welcome Veggiemom! Im a stay outside mom...:D
I have one child still at home and not sure I want her to go.I have several years hopefully, before my Sweetie flies the coop.
What state are you in?
We are in MI lovely Mi once you drive a few hundred miles North you will see how beautiful Michigan really is! Really...I saw pictures online, beautiful!
I get to see wonderful nature, swimmers jumpers crawlers and fliers all in my beautiful small land, that isn't in reality really mine, I just pretend,makes me feel somewhat cozy inside at times.
Any question or curiosities about anything outdoor...just tap those keys...I grow anything that can and doesn't grow in Mi. If one wants to donate some that doesn't grow here I will try.It will give me the sensation of not being here...

Welcome and give us some more input so we can chat!
Hello little kiddies...

Hey everyone - this is just a short intro.
Ashley Dominique Weaver and I am new here.
Well i was looking for a new forum to join and the higher powers of Google
has brought me here!
I will become a little more involved and see about helping others and being helped myself.
Thanks for having me, I'm looking forward to getting to know you all.

Hey Ashley!
Welcome to our friendly gardening forum!
Just hop right in and make yourself comfortable!
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