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Hi all, Matt from Kansas here. Great forum, just joined. I am looking forward to a great, long, relationship here. I'll post some pics of my garden later if that's ok.
Hi Matt,

Welcome! Glad you found us. By all means please post us some pictures of your gardens and plants
Hello and welcome Matt. Glad you joined. Please post lots of pics. We love to look at pictures.
Hi and we will put out the Welcome Mat.LOL Glad your here to.Alway's glad to meet a new friend.And we all love picture's.So share away.:)


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Thanks everyone, here are a couple of pictures of my veggie garden. Potatoes (dug up half of them) tomatos, lettuce, cucumbers, okra, pole beans, tomato bushes, cantelope and onions. 4th year garden, still plant things to close together. I've tilled a giant load of mushroom compost every year and 3 years ago tilled a healthy load of 6 year old cow manure. Seems to work good. Enjoy.


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Your garden looks so your soil is wonderful. My 90 yr old friend swears by horse manure....they haul it in for her straight from the horse stall I think...her soil is amazing!! I compost but am thinking I need to get some manure in my yard other than that left by my two labs and golden :) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to