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Hi all

I moved in to a new house with a garden that was already in place but overgrown. We left in the Rasberry & Blackberry bushes and I think the strawberries. We will be starting from scratch. I started my first attempt at WS with veggies and some flowers. I hope all goes will. Would love to get some other ideas from others in my zone. I think I'm 7 but please correct me if I'm wrong.:)
OMGosh Walthree A new house and yard How cool is that.
Welcome to our family of gardeners. Please ask questions, make comments but most of all ENJOY!!!!!!!
Congratulations on your new house and Garden!
Wintersow threads search may help.

WS Veggies?

Welcome to Garden Forums! So glad that you could join us!
Hey Walthree It is good to see a new face. We have fun here and talk a lot about flowers and veggies and herbs and trees and shrubs and anything that grows. Yes we talk about weeds too. Jump in and have some fun. We will love to hear about your garden.
Hello and Welcome to the place...always fun but a bit overwhelming to start from scratch...I look forward to hearing and seeing your place and oyu go along
My dearest friend around here has accepted a new job in upstate NY and will be headed that way the end of March. She is so excited about the move. She has never lived any further east than Nevada. I think it will be culture shock for her
Congratulations on botht he house and the garden!! What an exciting spring you will have. Just remember there are a lot of smart gardeners here to help you with any chore or delima you may run up on. We will be glad to help
Welcome to GF Walthree glad your here.Love to hear what's going on in your part of the world.Jump in and look around alway's something going on here.:)
Walthree where in Staten Island are you gardening? There are many different soil types on the island and hopefully I can help you with getting your garden started on the island. I lived on Staten Island for 13 years before I relocated. If you are on the south side of the island you have very sandy soil and the rest of the island areas are a mix of solid clay to a clay sand mixture.
I will tell you the very best bakery on the island is La Dolce in Woodrow shopping center and the best pizza is on Richmond Ave and Hooker Ave, Dinio's Pizza. Where did you move from?
Welcome to GF, make your self at home and feel free to jump in anywhere. If you need anything just ask.
welcome to the group.....I was born and raised in SI.....but moved up to the catskills 20 yrs ago.....
greetings to all from virginia some folks refer to this area as "hampton roads" i prefer "tidewater" given our proximity the chesapeake bay and atlantic ocean i live on the edge of the elizabeth thinking that being surrounded by all of that nice warm humid air has kept the recent snow storms away from us...we have been really lucky compared to other areas in virginia...decided to join your forum because i don't think i'm technically or creatively ready to try a blog...started seeds last wed 02/17/10.."lime" basil sprouted in 4 days(woo hoo!) still waiting on verbena "brazilian vervain" and greek oregano maybe in a few days??? looking forward to "talking" with all of you. good gardin' tonya
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