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Kya D

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When I was in town yesterday we stopped at the nursery to look for some plants and to touch bases with the lady who owns the greenhouse.. I saw some really fun colored sages. There was a purple sage, a golden varigated, a really cool gray one and a purple/white/green varigated one and several different lavenders. :):)When I got to the register Lorraine wouldn't let me pay for any of them. What a great gift. They are all planted and loving life.:D
What a nice treat for you, and gift too... : ) I have the reg sage and the varigated too and love them both green & yellow mine is. Enjoy your new gift...
They are so pretty, too bad I don't like the taste. Now if they can only make rosemary so lovely. Rosemary, thyme, chives, parsley, and a little basil and oregano now and then are my favs.
I used to NOT like sage but now I use it in very small amounts and don't mind it at all. Rosemary on the other hand can be too.... strong really quick
I only use a tiny bit of it.
Mmmmm, I love both sage and rosemary, lots and lots piled high.

Horse radish is the thing that turns me off.
Ain't it great that peoples tastes are so different.
I love horseradish and would love to grow some here.
I have so much basil there's no way I can use it all. I got the free seed and only planted a few of each (green, purple and lemon) and it's growing like crazy. I would like to try and dry some but not sure how. I was wondering if you can dry them in the sun. I don't really care for fresh herbs that much. I do enjoy the dried tho.
I planted some rosemary and cilantro in a half barrel on the back porch and they are doing quite well.
I had my rosemary in a pot one year and the next year I didn't want to bring it in for the winter so I planted it in the garden and now it is a large bush. I didn't know at the time that it is a perennial in zone 6. I planted some cilantro one year to and it stunk so bad that I was gagging before I could get it out of my kitchen. Is there such a thing as bad herbs or is it me? I had just cut them and by the time I got in the house they had a terrible odor to them.
I have never smelled cilantro that smelled bad. We use it in salads and when I make salsa.
CILANTRO! Ahhhh my all time favorite herb. I am waiting for some to come back up. It got so wet and hot that it went to seed. I still have some 3rd generation organic seed if anyone would like some ....just PM me;)

You are a very lucky girl! Save us some seeds to trade
Cilantro seems to be a love it or hate herb. I love it, but when I'm making salsas or Pico De Gallo for a large group, I always make one with cilantro, and one without. People who hate it say it tastes soapy to them.

Maggie, basil doesn't dry as well as most herbs, it loses a lot of its essential oil. I wouldn't dry it in the sun, I would dry it inside on the counter or in a paper bag. I'm so addicted to fresh basil, I don't bother drying any. I make pesto or just chop the basil with a little olive oil and freeze it in ice cube trays.
I think if cilantro is over done it is hard for me to eat but if it is in the right proportion it like it. I didn't know how to use it when I grew it but now i don't find it that offensive. Or maybe I've eaten so much tex mex that I can't taste anything anymore lol is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to