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Today was so nice that hubby put some chicken quarters on the grill outside. I baked some sweet potatoes inside and cooked up a pot of crowder peas. Gosh it was good.
During the spring and summer a lot of our cooking is done on the grill. What is your favorite foods to cook on the grill and do you use charcoal or gas?
I have a gas grill and I use it yr round. I've been out grilling a steak in a snow storm. Alot of ppl put theirs up for the winter but we don't. All my family uses theirs all yr too.
I grilled a steak last weekend. When I first moved into my house, my gas stove was not hooked up for 4 months, june-sept and i cooked everything on the grill, my old one had the side burner on it.
Laurie, I like charcoal and the flavor it adds but I'll take gas if I run out of charcoal. Today was gas.
I'd very much like to have a gas stove, mine is electric. I almost had a new gas stove at one point ..that's a long story..oh well, I have nothing better to do so..
When hubby and I first got married, Feb 27, 2000 he decide we needed a gas stove. He purchased one and at the time he was working at a restaurant. He had it delievered to the restaurant and loaded into the back of his truck. I have yet to figure out what he was thinking. The tail board was not up and on his way home, it slid out and over an embankment and the gas stove was no more. He retrieved it in pieces but to put it together again was a lost cause. Thus ended a gas stove for us.
That sounds yummy Gloria, I use mainly eucalyptus wood in my bbq as it's free and always available from the trees in my yard. We bbq whole fish, hopefully freshly caught that day by yours truly lol, prawns (shrimp) kebabs and lamb cutlets plus a lot of veges like fresh corn and spuds etc...fresh pineapple and mango done on the grill are also delicious hmm I'm getting hungry lol.
I've gotta stop reading these food threads:rolleyes:....well it is close to lunchtime here though;)
I like charcoal but we have been using gas at my daughters lately. My charcoal smoker bit the dust. I really need to buy one soon. We smoke spare ribs, garlic sausage, chicken and an occasional steak.
You guys are making me long for a good BBQ'ed meal. wombat I'm on my way Throw another shrimp on the Bobbi. I heard that the shrimp are so big down there that 1 is a meal
I've gotta stop reading these food threads:rolleyes:....well it is close to lunchtime here though;)

It's past supper time here but I always get online, get involved and have a very late meal. Unforunately, I read about all this good food then I'm not satisfied with what I'm having. Hmmmm, Salmon sounds real good right now.
Cooking on charcoal is the best but we usually use our Weber gas grill. Today in SC would have been a great day to grill out but we went out for seafood. Does anyone grill using the coals from burning oak wood. We have a friend that takes green oak that hasn't dried out and burns the wood takes the coals to cook on. It doesn't get any better than that!!! Takes a long time but it's well worth the wait.
Two weeks ago I grilled a bunch of shrimp along with some kebobs of bell pepper and onions. I didn't think Fiona and David would eat any of the peppers, but they both did. I was planning on having two of them and two for my wife. I'll know better next time. LOL We have both charcoal and propane grills. I have an electric smoker too. But John, I go out to one of my apple trees and cut off a branch and use that for smoking. I have done ribs the last few times using the smoker. Man, those things are good.
Dale, your friend is probably using Black Jack oak. It's the best for barbeque. It's what my Dad always cut to cook his barbeque at Christmas. He always did the whole hog thing. It's slightly hard to find Black Jack oak, water oak is abundant but doesn't work well with cooking.
Randy we have a gas smoker, the only fruit tress around are pears..hmmmm.
Wow Dor I'd love to be able to smoke things on my bbq, that sounds wonderful!
Swindy there's going to be a shrimp on the barby with your name on it lol You've heard correctly about the large prawns, they're mostly sent to export so I've only seen them in fish markets. They're called Eastern King prawns they can weigh up to half a pound and are about 10'' in length, with the girls being the largest.......;)
Randy I once had fresh smoked salmon in Seattle, it melted in my mouth. We've never forgotten it and it was 5 years ago lol. As I said before I'd love to have a smoker.....apple trees eh, must impart a lovely flavour.
I have smoked red snapper on the grill before and we do shrimp kabobs occassional too. I have also smoked a small turkey and basted it with picante sauce. It was a recipe from a coworker. I forgot about brisket. I cook my brisket in the oven first after marinating it overnight then smoke it. Very tasty.

Yes wombat food is so amazing delicious smoked. We buy some hickory and pecan just down the road from my house to use with the charcoal.
Miss Dorothy, I haven't done a brisket yet, but that's how I have done the ribs. I cooked them in the oven first, then smoked them for the flavor. I'll have to try a brisket though.

Gloria, I don't know why pear wood wouldn't be fine, but you also have some pretty good nut trees back there that we don't have. We have English walnut, black walnut and hazelnuts and that's about it. But as long as I have the apple trees, I don't think I can do any better than that.

John, Miss Dorothy (Dor) isn't the only fine cook that graces the pages of this forum, but she is top drawer.
have to say I also think charcoal is the best ...we alwasy add some wood for flavor also though...apple or mesquite...my fav thing to BBQ is salmon...
Roe what kind of wood do you use and do you use it green (fresh cut) or dried? Inquiring minds want to know.
Let's see I can't think of anything I don't cook on the grill. I did salmon one night this week. I put a little butter on it and then lemon juice and dill. My hubby really liked it. I did sirloin steak last night, hamburgers one night, I think I baked a chicken one day last month but it was a cold day. I used to use charcoal but now that I'm cooking on a wood deck I prefer something I can control more so it is a gas grill. Since we live here in Tx I cook out unless it is raining, That grill was the best investment I've ever made.
You know grilled meat especially is the best way for me to cook since I went on this low fat diet. We grill onion and peppers, pinapple, peaches, apples, pears, potato, squash, ect. Love that grill.
When are the ribs going to be on the table next? Let me know so I can purchase my plane tickets so I can be there. They sound so yummy and I love ribs.
I'm coming over for the shrimp too but I think I'll wait until the fires are done over there. Was reading on the net that there has been 84 deaths so far. Keeping all of you in my prayers that they get them under control soon.

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