Outside my window....

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Well a few weeks ago, I took these pics of the lovely cardinal couple that frequents the birdfeeder outside my office window


and the male alone


Well today, this is what is feasting in my birdfeeder!


think he has enough?


I hate to say that I am not a fan :( of chipmunks....but he is cute---I'll have to rodent proof the birdfeeder :)


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He is a cute little bugger, and bold too---I have been at the window talking to him, making noise etc...nothing is scaring him away ....

We'll be friends as long as he stays outside :)


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Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning. I hate the days I have to go to work because I can't enjoy my yard and the critters I have come to know as friends


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You all might get tired of my pictures :) I LOVE to take photos!

Well, the little guy emptied the bird feeder :) Hope he'll have plenty of food for the winter.

We have had chipmunks around the house for several years now...and they haven't been destructive thus far....they did eat my cherry tomatoes a few years ago, but that is it....and we did notice that they live in the steps out back (these steps are made of pavers)



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I never get tired of picture's I to love to take picture's .I know eveyone probably get's tired of them but love to share.So keep them coming.:)

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