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Here is my big white Peony Tree. It survived the rain and the wind.


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Isn't she just a beauty!! Mine is all budded up...last year one bloom, this year I counted 8 buds. I am psyched.
Gosh, that is BEAUTIFUL. And here I was all happy about my 3 peony blooms. Oops... gotta get a kleenex. I'm drooling.
That is a beauty.I bought a small one on sale this Spring but it didn't make it.
I guess I'm a Peony murder.
I want one, wonder if they will do good in zone 5 in Maine
Thanks for sharing
Yes they are good for zone 5. I am in zone 5. Just Mulch good around it come fall. I like peony but the peony tree is better I think. They don't fall over like the regular peony's.
That is gorgeous. I bought a yellow one this year...have wanted a yellow peony forever but they are too pricey...I found this yellow peony tree at a local greenhouse and it was very affordable....wonder why the peonies cost so much more than the peony trees...seems kind of backwards to me...I asked the lady at the greenhouse if they would be getting any yellow peonies in and even they can't get a yellow peonies root for less than $200...craziness!!!
Just lovely and it stood up to the wind, impressive. I'm always on the look out for plants that will stand up to the wind. Goodness we get our share here in IA lol!

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Hubby wanted to prune our "tree" this year...I did some research and NO NO NO, don't ever prune the boy. He has 3 blooms open right now and is yellow. We found an abandoned camera while sightseeing, it is not an expensive, until I get my canon powershot back in working order I will take some pictures with that one. Maybe I can post some pictures later on today.
My yellow Peony Tree bloomed today!!! I just planted it last month!


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