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I have some plants I would like to trade off to make room for others I would like to have. So here are the plants and bulbs I have for trade.

Well established christmas cactus
Well established Easter cactus
heart leaf philo
verigated philo

Daffodil bulbs..LOTS
Grape hyacinth...LOTS
Weeping willow fresh cutting that are in water rooting right now..I got them yesterday while on a ride in the country, a lady let me get them from her tree, she was so sweet and wanted to talk for long

Coral honey suckle vine cuttings that are on water rooting....this is supose to be a rare honey suckle, this is what I was told when I bought it 2 years ago.
White and yellow honey suckle cuttings rooting in water.

what I woul really like and have never had before is heuchera...if anyone has some extra and would like to trade please let me know..I also would love to get another amarylis bulb. Also looking for the white bleeding heart plant.

Christmas and Easter cactus and both philos are now taken..everything else is still up for grabs.

they are yellow and some white with pink...but they are all mixed in so I dont know what is what.

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