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I have
angel wing begonia - pink flower
Clerodendrum ugandense - blue butterfly
cigar plant - orange
devils backbone - varigated
duranta - purple
hoya carnosa "crispa variegata"
impatiens - mixed
shrimp - red
mosquito shoo geranium
bromeliad - don't know name of it
kalancho - red

Just have a couple of each of these at this time but once I can get them outside and they are going good I can do more cuttings.

Wants but not limited to:
perennial geraniuim
kalancho - yellow, white
double fuschia - any color
veronica - red, pink or white
Weeze I have some pink geranium that I would sure like to trade but I won't be able to ship for several weeks.
Is the shrimp red a shrimp plant or something different. I would love shrimp plant and mesquito shoo.
PLMK if you would like some of the HARDY pink geranium.
That is fine. I'm in no hurry. We can't plant outside for probably 6 weeks. Yes it is red shrimp plant. I'll be happy to send it and the mosquito shoo geranium.

I'll let you know when I mail them. Probably in a couple of weeks.
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Hi I sent you a pm..I am very interested in your blue butterfly, blomelaid and Kalancho. I dont have anything on your want list but if you pm me maybe we can find somthing you would like.

Also if may not be a good idea to post your address in the forum..remember this is open to the public so anyone online can see that.

Weeze I recieved the plants today. They made the journey in fantastic shape. They are all potted up and happy.
Thank You so much.
I will be sending my part of the trade as soon as I feel like it is warm enough to be safe.
sorry I didn't post sooner, just found this, anyways, I got my angle wing begonias and they are planted, I love them lots and hope I get them to bloom, thanks a bunch weeze.
Very interested!!! Wanna trade??

I'm Fantasygal1 and new to this site but have a LOT of backup people that know me. I posted my Trade list just 2 or so days ago and was wondering if there was anything on it that might interest you. I wondered if you still had some Hoya Carnosa "Crispa Variegata", Angel wing Begonia, and some yellow Cassia. Plmk if interested. Thank-you!!!
Always a friend,
Fantasygal1 aka nancy
Curious question..How do you prepare them all for shipping?
I can guess how to send a cutting but cigar plant, don't you need the root?
Just plop it in a baggie with dirt and newspaper or something like that? Do you wet the soil?

Sticking my 2 cents!!!

when I first started I payed attention to how people would ship plants to me and that's how I learned. So this is how I do it. If you are shipping a plant/s water them well the day before. Then the next day (day of shipping) you dig it up and take some damp paper towels and wrap them around the roots. You can remove all the dirt if you'd like from them to make the package weigh less. After you've wrapped the damp paper towels around the roots, you wrap the rooted part in Cling wrap/Glad wrap/ or in a baggie and tape it close to the stem, but ONLY the rooted part. MAKE SURE YOU DON"T WET THE LEAVES OR THE RECIEVER WILL RECIEVE MUSH FOR A PLANT!!!! Make sure you label the name of the plant on it so that the recipient knows which plant is which. Afterwards, take 2 plastic bags (the kind they give you at Walmart/Kmart/ or any shopping store). Take one of the 2 bags and insert the entire plant/s leaves first so that the roots are near the handle of the bag and tape/tie. Then take the bagged plant and insert it into the 2nd bag root side first and take it by the handles and insert it into the proper fitting box. You have now made a makeshift greenhouse for your plant to travel in safely. You don't have to do this for each plant, as several plants fit into 2 shopping plastic bags. Try to ship no later than Wednesday otherwise they will sit in the post office over the weekend. So you can ship Mon., Tues., and Wed.

Now if you are sending Cactuses or succulents wrap them in a semi damp newspaper and then wrap it in a dry newspaper. This also applies for bulbs.
Do NOT place them in plastic.

On dampening your paper towels, fold them in half first and then dampen them, wring them (not too tight) and them unfold them back to the half fold and set it around the roots. Then do same with the 2nd paper towel. You want to be able to have at most 2 layers wrapped around the roots. You CAN fold the roots once you've put the first damp towel on. Also, when putting them in a box you CAN bend the plant carefully so that it is curled as long as you don't force it because that will break it. Then, once boxed if there is any emty space that you make think the plants will be bouncing around set a wadded up newspager in there. Then close the box. It's always nice to enclose things such as a note to the person or instructions on the plants.

Well, that's it. If you have further questions please feel free to notify me. I'd be happy to answer them if I know the answer and if I don't I know people around here will. Thank-you and hope this helps.
Always a friend,
Fantasygal1 aka nancy
Weeze, I have plenty of perennial geraniuim - violet & blue, if you're still looking.
I'd love some angelwing begonia & mosquito shoo geranium if you still have enough.
Just PM me to let me know.
Here's the perennial geraniums


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