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If I use a gallon tea jug for a birdhouse would it get too hot for them? I was going to paint the outside with Krylon paint for plastic. Any tips or ideas would be great because I have a crap load of these! Theresa :rolleyes:
I don't see why it wouldn't work. Great idea. Poke a few holes in the bottom to vent and drain any water that might get in. Keep the entrance hole to about an inch or and inch and a half. That will help keep out the starlings. Think I need to do a few! Thanks for the idea.
What a cool idea. I, like you wonder about the heat. I would be sure to paint it a light color and hang your birdhouse in a tree where it will be in the shade. FishinBC has some great suggestions with drain holes.
I made bird house's out of my son's old deflated basketball's years ago.Cut a hole and drain holes paint and hang.I hung them in a shady spot they last forever.Didn't seem to hot for them
This is a great idea! I am gonna have my mom save me some milk jugs:) Would love to see pics Karen!

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