Pumpkin Question

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So we are considering doing a 12ft x 12ft section of our front yard in pumpkins next year.

About how many pumpkin plants could we plant in that space? About how many pumpkins do you get per plant?

Thanks in advance.
I planted two hills this year and they were about 5 feet apart. But the pompkin vines went wherever they wanted and some were 20 feet long. The vines went into the bean rows and the corn rows and a few into the orchard to the south of the garden. I counted the pumpkins the other day and there are at least 30 of them. They are about 12 to 14 inches in diameter. Two of the vines climbed up into a couple of tomato cages and grew pumpkins inside the tomato cage.
I can see the pumpkins in the tomatoe cages. I've had them go everywhere too. I remember when Becca planted on hill in my garden and they tried to take over the garden and the grass outside the garden. we ended up with the trailer full of pumpkins. that was the year Jamie was a baby cause I had a picture of my pumpkin with the pumpkins. brings back memories. no pumpkins this year.
Some of mine will be going south as soon as I hear from the lady that is transporting them to Scarez. Kathryn said she would like to have 8 of them.

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