Purple Iris for Postage - HURRY!

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I have 3 med/large packages of this purple iris ready to go - first 3 to send me their addy by PM gets them.

FYI - these are large enough that a Flat Rate Priority box (about $8-$10) is probably going to be needed for most addresses. There are at least 4 to MORE in these packs.
Once I have your addy, I can tell you exactly how much. Paypal is fine for sending the postage too.

If I have any seeds you would like, will be happy to put them in as well.
Morning Glories - Various Mix
Gaillardia 'Goblin'
Four O'clock - Mix of pinks, white, yellow
Roman Chamomile
Blue Delphinium - Mix
Talinum paniculatum - Jewels of Opar
2007 Lavendar poppy


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All gone!

One to GardenBear1 & one to lynpenny so they are all gone. :D
These are all going out Monday morning.
dizzy the package came today. thank you. I will plant them tonight. Just waiting for the heat of the day to subside a little. They really look good. Did I say thank you.
Dizzy, they came in today going to plant them this week end if it don't rain more. there really good looking plants THANKS so much:)
Thanks Dizz, rec'd my box yesterday! I gave some to my neighbor and planted the rest this morning. They look great! Thanks again!

I put your check in the mail today.

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