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Is the night blooming cerus the same thing as the Epie or orchid cacti? I think I am confused between the 3..are they all differant plants or all the same or

I did google them all and they appear to be the same plant but I couldnt tell for sure.

I went to and typed in your question only abbreviated--this is one of the answers I got.

The plant with flat leaves is an Orchid Cactus or Dutchman's Pipe, the Night Blooming Cirrus is an ordinary looking climbing cactus, see the confusion occurs because the blooms are almost identical.

The computer is a wonderful tool you just have to persevere. My laptop computer has become a book of knowledge for me.
LOL..i googled forever trying to find the differance!!

Thanks so much dale:D looks like I have the night blooming cerceus and the epie. But now I can tell them

Oxypetallum Night blooming cereus is a climber that can get ever tall 10'' you can grow them the same way you would any epie, the only different it the epie is a hybrid of a jungle cactus and the oxy can take more sun and in some parts of the world the can be grown in the ground, oxy bloom at night and the flowers last only about 8hrs always white and well worth the wait to see and smell, epie blooms can last for a few days but all so have every lager flowers and come in many colors and sizes, in this day and age lot of people use the word epie to cover lots of jungle cactus this include's the oxy, I've even hear it used when people talk about holiday cactus but these are in a class of there own I don't find them to be an ordinary looking climbing cactus, if you keep the pruned you can have a full looking bush, I try and keep mine about 7" tall so I can move them in the house come winter. just one plant can give you 100s of cutting over the years and there easy to grow


this is no ordinary cactus with blooms like this, this guy has been cut back and still blooms every year
this poor guy has been beat up by the wind and still gave me blooms :D

I kind of forgot to say an epie is also a Orchid Cactus just a different way of saying epie, Dutchman's Pipe I think is a vine and has a flower that looks like a pipe
So the one you posted is the night blooming cereus? can you post both so I can see the differance? Thanks so much bear for the great info.

This is what was send to me..the one in the middle is supised to be the night blooming cereus and the 2 on the sides epies.


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