Rain Lilies 2010

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My rain lilies finally bloomed. I was beginning to wonder if they would and then all of a sudden they popped up and are really blooming.
My million bells I got for mothers day.


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Beautiful flowers! My Rain lilies started to pop too right after the humidity, heat and the rain came.
Your lilies are beautiful .I have a few scattered around my yard.Their all white though but this Spring I haven't seen one yet.
just beautiful!!!

I got some white ones from a dear friend in Moultrie GA and am hoping that I can get them naturalized to my colder temps
I think they are just so kewl!!
Mine don't winter over in Tn. either. I have then in pots and in the fall I set them under the house.
Cherry tree is full. I made a pie yesterday sure is good. I've got to get them picked and on the freezer before the birds eat them.
Iris from my pond.


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My Border Lilies are in full bloom now.


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Mine don't winter over in Tn. either. I have then in pots and in the fall I set them under the house.
Central Florida here, I had never seen rain lilies before i moved to this house. Fell in love with them. They have spread so much in the flower bed I am thinking of not planting another annuals there.

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