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Hey all, I have a question about Rhododendrons. We have some Rhododendrons that only have leaves on the very tips of long branches. How aggressively can we prune them back to make them fuller? After pruning, how quickly will they grow in? Thanks!!!
hi Door...we purn ours in the fall..also dead heading helps to fill in...I have,,,on a few of the really huge old plants I was very aggressive with the pruning last year and they fille din wonderfully this year..
Prune them after the have stopped blooming as they set their flowers for the next yr so you need to prune them right after they are done blooming so you don't cut off next yrs buds
i have pruned mine right back and they come back the next yr, mine seem to grow pretty fast
Thank you all for the info. We moved onto a property that was maintained much before we got here so we have a lot of work cut out for us.
I grow a lot of Rhododendrons. Usually the cause of leaves just on the tips of the branches is a lack of light. Either limb up the adjacent trees trees or move the rhododendron to a site with more sun. They move easily.

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