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Great info Sharon.
I don't have a palm but had no clue that they were so poisonious
I did know that, but did you also know that they are a staple for their stach like use as a paste? Please take caution around children and pets with all plants. I have a book of common poisonus plants. I'll try to post them tomorrow for you guys. Funny that a lot of plants you would never suspect are deadly.
Interesting! Explains why chipees @ squirrels leave mine alone while I sit it outside during the summer months!
Thanks for sharing that little article with us all!!
There are a lot of poisonous house and garden plants, but with most of them the child or the pet would have to eat a very large amount to get sick from them. It looks like the sego palm is much more dangerous.
I told a lady at Sam's Club that they were poisonous last year. She had a big Sago in her cart and I asked her if she had pets. She looked at me really strange but I explained how they can be deadly. She had a terrier that liked to chew things. Sam's lost a sale but I'd like to think the dog dodged a bullet.
latebloomer you did good! Most likely saved that dogs life and the woman lots of $$ in Vet bills. It is to bad that plants like that can be sold without warning labels on them. There are warning labels on everything from aspirin to cigs. Especially since kids can be so harmed by the plants.
I agree. I have to research things to make sure my chickens don't get into anything poisonous.
Too bad some nursery doesn't pick up the labeling idea, it would be a great marketing technique.
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