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I have some extras of the following seeds - always happy to trade or share for postage. :) You will need to PM me, as I may miss a post here. ;)

Will post more as I collect more

2009 Seeds
Blue Delphinium - Mix (LOTS)
Viola - Mix of my strange violet crosses
Delphinium Blue Butterfly
Columbine 'white songbird'

2008 Seeds - still at least 80% viable
Cosmos Mix (huge blooms & regular size blooms)
Four O'clock - Mix of pinks, white, yellow
Roman Chamomile
Morning Glories - Various Mix
Dizzy I missed ya.
FYI The lime lights you sent me are growing great guns and the bellflower and asters are blooming like crazy
More seeds

Also have

Cosmos mix
dianthus mix (pink & white bi-colors)
moonflower plant (not vine) - datura wrightii
A few white delphinium

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