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I have 5 shade seed mats for trade if anyone is interested in them. I wont be using them. I did some sun seed mats last year and they were awesome. If you are interested I would like salad veggie seeds, anything that can be used in a tomato please.

The seeds in these mats are:

chinese forget me not
Johnny jump ups

OMGosh Girl I would love to get seed mats but I have so very little shade that I wouldn't have a place to put them.
Take care
Kim seed mats are kind of a mat made out of a pulpy fiber with seeds already in the mat so that you just roll out the mat and water and watch em grow.
Dawn, that sound cool. My patio is in the shade most of the day. It faces north, gets sun a little in the morning, and very little in the evening. Could that work?
The seed mats i have are sections of mats that were made to go in a circle like around a tree or round flower bed. But they can be placed anywere. Last year I has some like this that were for sun and I just put them in my front yard by the edge were my yard meets the steet and they did great.

Here is a pic of what they look like.


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Are the shade mats still available for trade? I do have the perfect spot for them :)

I have OakLeaf, PrizeHead, Cimmaron (RedRomaine), BlackSeededSimpson, Buttercrunch & Mesclun SpicyMix lettuce seeds..and CherryBelle Radish & Burpless Cucumber seeds to trade if you are interested.

Sounds like a garden salad =)
Let me know.
Yes I am interested please send me a PM.


Hey RR
You have mail coming! Sent out Thursday April 9th :)

Let me know when it arrives.

Thank you for trading :p

Hey RiverRock
I received the shade seed mats today Friday/April 24th.

THANK YOU for the trade! :)

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