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How can I add this to my soil. calcium and magnesium carbonate. Can I buy something from the store? I think egg shells add calcium but I need now.
I feed my hens oyster shell to make the egg shells stronger. Maybe that would work.
Oh..I forgot to say..lime can be purchased at your local feed and seed store.
I wasn't aware that lime had magnesium in it also. I buy agricultural lime and put that on the garden every year. I thought lime was just calcium carbonate.
I use the bananas around my roses but I have one dog that eats them . Makes it hard to keep them in the garden :rolleyes:
I use the crushed oyster shells in my garden ...I put them around the base of plants to keep slugs at bay and this also adds calcium to the soil...then I have used epsom salt to add magnesim to my peppers and tomatoe...Apply 1 tablespoon around each plant ...I scratch the soil and then water
i was just reading up a bit on the epsom salt and when you are tilling your garden it says you can add 1 cup per 100 sq. feet and mix into the soil...
I save all my egg shells even over the winter; rinse, dry, crush small and scratch into the soil around all my plants and put some in the holes when I plant. For tomatoes besides the egg shells I also add cut up banana peels and epson salts in each hole. I scratch in a little epson salts and egg shells around my roses. CG I just read somewhere that you can dry the banana peels and use them that way. Maybe your dog wont want them after they are dried. I haven't tried it yet but I just bought some bananas so I am going to. I'm a big fan of coffee grounds and get them from Starbucks. Great fresh for acid loving plants and to keep slugs at bay. Also a great soil conditioner after they've sat for a while.
Thanks for the suggestion but this is the dog that eats plywood. :rolleyes: I even wrapped the banana in rose branches and she got them. She actually was kenneled at one time and ate the chain link fence into very tiny peices. So I put up a hot wire around the kennel , she got so mad she reached through the hole in the fence and while the wire was charged bit and chewed it until it broke all the while getting shocked.

I might try fermenting them in water and using the water on the rose. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to