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Hi all,

I figured out how to put pics on here so here are a few of my greenhouse and all of the goodies that are growing in there.... when I have time I'll do a beginning to now but here's the current status.... I LOVE IT!!! best present EVER!!!
I had to throw one in of my hosta bed by the kennel. I just got it weeded and who knows when I can get back to that bed. I have 11 beds (a couple of those are 100 ft long) and a 30ft greenhouse. LOTS of work BUT SO MUCH FUN!!! ENJOY the pics take care Becki


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WOW!! Very Nice...

100 ft beds????

I thought I was getting carried away when I made a 32 footer

can't wait to see your place


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I kinda got carried away...

I just couldn't stop making beds-- we have a few acres and ..... I have a few new projects in the works..I'm not sure if I'm going to tackle them this summer. I still need to paint the outside of the greenhouse and the house needs restained and ...and...and LOL

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