"Someone's Been Sleeping in My Bed!!!!

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and she's still there!!!!

Well actually it was my chair....
I got up to go get another soda and found this......

Silly Moochie....


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Wolfie did YOU have the nerve to make her move out of your bed?????

No Kya...I was in here playing for about an hour..by the time I got done and back out there she had moved to upstairs with BF
But there have been other instances where I have tried to move her out..and like I said she is my "Baby Tank" and doesn't move easily

*I don't have the strength to "force" her*


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LOL!!! SOOOOO CUTE!!!! My Furball (cat) does that and same position too!!! Only she won't do it to me but waits till DH gets up from chair and jumps up and falls asleep there and CLAIMS it. So he goes to another chair and when he gets up again Furball Claims THAT chair so he's constantly having to find a chair....lol!!! He'll move him once in a while but mostly just gives upl...LOL!!! GORGEOUS dog there Blue!!!


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Tex did that last night and when I went to move him he growled at me. So I totally kicked him out of my chair otherwise we would have shared the chair.


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I usually sit on my loveseat in front of the tv and my furbabies cuddle up and sleep next to me or on my lap. My oldest grandson says they act like babies. I tell him they are my babies. My takes their faces in her hands and talks to them like babies in baby talk and tells them how much she missed them.

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