Spring is here and what are you planting?

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Spring is here and what are you planting? I'm not putting in anything new this year because I will be gone for a couple of weeks in June. I have been out and trimmed up my garden.
I have
several salvias
pineapple sage
lemon balm
mints lemon, peppermint, and spearmint
That is all I can think of now. But they are all coming back good this year. We actually had a month of winter here and I had to cut things back. I needed to because some of them take over the garden when I'm not looking.


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I have planted most of my veggie garden, you name it I have most likely gotten it in the ground or ready to go in the ground.
I have a neighbor who is planting artichokes. Has anyone ever gron them??


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What kind of artichokes, Jerusalem or the kind you eat the buds of? I always wanted to grow the latter, but was told it was too hot around here; but one of the MD's I'm working with recently said he grew some. I'm thinking I should take a second look.

As to the garden, I'm really in a tight spot right now! It's been so cold and wet that I haven't been able to move much out of the house and into the cold frame. I finally got the lettuce and other greens outside, but I'm so far behind on my tomatoes and peppers that it's sad. I'm looking at sources to buy plants and only start seeds on those varieties that I can't get otherwise.

I was looking at the main vegetable bed this weekend, and it's still too wet to till. The neighbor child got laid off from her part time job, so I'm hiring her to do some yard work for me, so I put her to work weeding that bed thinking maybe I'd just layer compost on top this year. I have a good source of earthworm compost, and I can dig some of that in around each plant as I set it out. The roots will be a pain next year, but I may have to pass on tilling this year.


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I do plan on adding some climbing Roses : Peace, Don Juan & Pinata. Also winter-sowed and got some starts of FoxGlove, Red Salvia and Hyancinth Bean purple & white...among others. Of course our veg garden will be added much later w/corn, lettuce, tomatoes, zuchinni, sugar peas,green beans, peppers etc etc...

I will be sharing flowers w/my daughter who has started to want to garden :) yay!


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I haven't grown artichokes but I had a friend who planted the Jerusalem ones. The next spring her son tilled through them. She thought he had killed them but they came back up thicker than ever. I enjoyed the salad she made with them.


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I haven't planted my veggie garden yet.Breaking the garden spot this weekend.I think maybe we have had the last cold snap.I plan to have a good size garden this year.Because all the veggies in the super market's have gone out of sight in price.I have bought seed to start.
Green bean's,sweet corn,butterbean's,potato's,okra,blackeye peas,cream 40 white peas'cucumber's,squash,watermelon,pepper's and tomatoes.turnips.
Probally a few more things going to fill my freezer this year or I'm hoping too.:)


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It is still to cold here to start gardening. I do only contianer planting of flowers now that I am in an apt. But I can't wait until I can start planting up some pots and prettying up the patio. Now that my finicial sistuation has improved I am hopping to put in a couple of shrubs around my patio and under my windows. I will see what Ican get away with before management tells me to stop lol


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Swindy I did that when we were in an apt. I had so much on the balconies that you could not go out there to sit. Hubby loved it because you could open the curtains in the living room and kitchen and see all the pretty flowers and things right there. Now you have to walk out in the garden or sit on the deck. I still put things on the deck but not like the balconies in the apt.


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I've been a slacker thus far. I was just looking out of the dining room window last night at my barren vegetable garden and trying to convince myself that just because the new Farmer's Market is slated to open in June and is only 10 minutes from the house, it is not an excuse. Where, oh where, is my motivation this year?

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