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I am wanting to get a good compost started, I have never done it before. So I would like some advice on how to get it what do I need to make a nice compost big do i make it, what do I put in it first? And all the other questions I have that cant think of..LOL Thanks:)

composting can be as simple as a pile on the open ground or a series of bins. Mine is a foursome of pallets roped together in while I put leaves, old potting soil,rabbit droppings and kitchen waste that I deem unfit for my wormy friends. I am lazy so I turn this mess about twice a year.
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I just pile my items on the ground. leaves, veg scrapes, plant matter, some dirt, wood chips and turn once a week. The pile i did last fall is ready to use so I will use it in my lasagne gardening in a few weeks. the one i started in feb will be ready then too . you need it to be warm and turn it the items decompose faster that way. so mine is in the sun to keep it warm. you can make bins but I just do piles it's easier for me and less cost. hopefully this will help you out some.
Thanksthat does help me. What i need to do is find a way to make a bin for it because of Tucker. I dont want him playing, digging or eating

My composter

I bought mine from a neighbor for $20. It is the round metal one that has a handle on it so you can turn it. I love it makes compost fast. I put just about everything in there but meat, greasy stuff, or dairy products.
I wish I had one that had a handle to turn it. I have to turn mine my hand.
I made one out of chicken wire. If you have access to a couple of pallets, you can make one.. Put an ad on freecycle for some pallets and chicken wire
I had a step by step building plan for a pallet system it was a 3 bin but it was posted on another forum and is now gone. All the above mentioned types work but keeping fur babies and critters out is always an issue. You can make a 5 pallet bin with little or no cost. Offten trucking companies or sod companies will sell pallets for about $5 each if not give them to you. Simply make a box with the pallets using heavy duty hinges on the side of the front pallet and use a hook or 2 to keep it closed. Use hinges on the top plallet so you can lift the lid,. You may want to place bricks on the bottom corners to help hold it up off the ground a few inches so you can swing the door. But then an unattended puppy would or could dig in easily. You can take chicken wire and lay on the ground first so that it is wrapped under the edge of the pallets ,bury it about 2-4 inches in the ground then bend it up the outside edge of the pallets this will prevent critters from digging into the bin.
Colder areas should locate bin in the sun to aid in the composting effect. IF it has been dry don't forget to water you compost this helps keep out ants and encourage earth worms. Always add green stuff in the form of food, grass clippings or other yard debris. Browns and it never hurts to add a little dirt especailly if you have a cool pile. If you are having trouble heating it up try wetting it down and then covering it with plastic black is the beast as it absorbs heat.

Hubby made me a three side picket fence and I just pile it up on bare ground. I give it a turn every week when it is warm and a squirt with the hose when it hasn't rained. During the winter I pay it no mind except to add kitchen scraps to a hole in the middle. When I want that black gold I rake off the top and shovel up what I need and throw it all back on again. Easy peasy.
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Thank you so much everyone for all the great infor and ideas! I am going to try to get some wood pallets I think and build one that way. I will let you all know how it trns out:)

I saw some woman claim to make compost in a black garbage bag. She filled it sprayed it with a hose and poked a bunch of holes in the bag. She said she kicks it around every time she goes in the garden and in time gets compost.

I'm wondering what everyone thinks of this. Will it work? I'm not allowed to have a compost pile (not that I have room for one) but this I can have.
Oh I never thought about that! I have a bunch of yard stuff from last fall when i did yard clean up and cleaned our the garden bed, in a trash can! Its still in the trash can. So should i just turn it and add to it now? How will I know when it is ready to use?

I'd triple the bags at least. Unless they are construction grade, you're going to have foot-sized holes from kicking it around after a few sprinkles and being out in the sun awhile.

RR, you could but it will be hard to turn unless you tip it on its side (tight fitting lid required) and roll it to mix the contents. Composted matter looks a lot like potting soil.
Thanks LB I have a few construction grade bags so I'm going to give it a try. I've got nothing to loose and black gold to gain.
I think I am going to go ahead with the wood pallets idea. That will be a nice compost bin:)

That's what I used for mine last summer. The pallets were free. I added another one next to it this spring. I already have it 2/3 full and a lot more yard to clean up yet. I am picking the one I ordered from KGMB (keep Greater Milwuakee beautiful) on Thursday...

Good luck and happy compost
Bernie I also heard of composting in black trash bags. The artical I read said that it composts faster because it is a small contained amount and heats up faster because of the black plastic. I wouldn't use the 3 bags because the holes in all three wouldn't stay alined and you would not get the air you need. Alot of communities give away compost bins at the begining of the season at the recycling centers.
RR, you could but it will be hard to turn unless you tip it on its side (tight fitting lid required) and roll it to mix the contents. Composted matter looks a lot like potting soil.

No, you don't have to do that, just stick a shovel in and fluff it a bit. I've done it that way and it worked fine. I did punch a few holes in the bottom so it could drain, but it was a fairly simple way to compost. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to